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205 Live Episode #18 (3.28.17) Rewind



The show opens with Dasha and Neville. Sasha says Neville has requested time to address Austin Aries’ comments the previous night on Raw. Neville says that once again, he’s overlooked. He asks people to think about what 205 Live would be like if he wasn’t there. Neville  says tonight they’re going to have the chance to see what it’s like.

Rich Swann  def. Arya Daivari

Dasha interviews Alicia Fox. She asks if Alicia has any update on Noam Dar’s condition after the injury he sustained the previous night. Alicia says that her boyfriend wanted to compete tonight but he has not been cleared yet, but he will be cleared soon enough. Rich Swann arrives and says he doesn’t know what Dar’s problem is with him but he was looking forward to their match tonight. Swann asks her to tell him get well soon whenever she sees him. A delivery man arrives with a package for Alicia. She opens it and finds a bottle of perfume inside. Swann tells her that someone must really care about her and he leaves.

Mustafa Ali and Drew Gulak are in the locker room. Gulak says that even though Ali lost his match the previous week, Gulak believes Ali’s in-ring abilities can put 205 Live on the map. Gulak asks him if it’s the right map. Ali interrupts him and tell him he already know what Gulak’s going to say. Ali says he knows the high risk moves he uses are dangerous but the reaction he gets from the fans makes it all worth it. It makes him feel like he’s doing something right. Gulak ask him what the right thing is, what kind of place they want 205 Live to be. He asks if they want great athletes to take unnecessary risks just for entertainment.They should bring back wholesome values. Then he hears Ali’s music play. He turns around only to find that Ali is gone.

Mustafa Ali def. Brandon Scott

The Brian Kendrick def Akira Tozawa

After the match Kendrick says he’s just taught Tozawa lesson 9: Anything can be used as a weapon.

Neville shows up. He says they’re 5 days way from Wrestlemania. He’s found himself about everything that has put him where he stands today. He’s never had it easy. He’s face many trials and tribulations and has had to pick himself up time after time. He’s been belittle, disrespected and overlooked throughout his career but he’s managed to pick himself up. He says that the previous year, he broke his angle just before Wrestlemania and watched the world act as if nothing happened. He picked himself up. He then arrived in 205 Live and carried the division in his back. He changed the landscape of 205 Live. Without him they wouldn’t even have a Cruiserweight Title match at WrestleMania. Yet, the fans still vilify him. He says the fans would rather cheer for a commentary clown like Austin Aries, a person who does nothing but sit behind a desk and make fun of others. Neville tells the fans that if that’s who they want to cheer, that’s on them. If that’s who they want dethrone the King of the Cruiserweight, they have to be careful what they wish for. He then says he wants to show them what 205 Live would be like without him. He points towards the screen, which stays black. He says the Cruiserweight division would be nothing without him, and that WrestleMania is not bout the fans, Austin Aries and not 205 Live. WrestleMania is about Neville and having his moment in the sun. Austin Aries interrupts him.

Aries says that Neville comes out week after week, pointing fingers at the WWE Universe, run everyone down and discredit people only to feed his ego. This is the difference between the two. Aries says that’s not him. He’ll give credit where it’s due. He’ll never say there’d be no 205 Live without Austin Aries, but he makes the show twice as good. He’ll never say Neville’s not an amazing competitor, that he’s not worthy of being the Cruiserweight Champion. But as amazing as Neville is, Aries’s that much better. Aries says he likes to use his wits and his sharp tongue to add humour to things. Otherwise he’d walk around as angry and miserable as Neville. Aries says he and Neville are not so different in other areas. They both had to prove themselves. They’ve had to fight for everything they have. They had to get things for themselves, because no one wanted to give it to them. Because of that, they both have a big ego, and an even bigger chip on their shoulder. Aries says the thing they most have in common is that no matter where they are on the card, when they walk through the curtain and they step in the ring, they’re the main event and they are going to tear down the house.

Aries says that he knows no matter what Neville says about him, Neville knows what Aries can do in the ring. Neville doesn’t wait until Aries is done, and start beating him up. Aries hits up with the microphone and tries to lock in the Last Chancery but Neville is able to escape.

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