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205 Live Episode #20 Rewind (4.11.17)



Here is your 205 LIVE Rewind of April 11th via via @TheRealSophie1:

Mustafa Ali def. The Brian Kendrick via pinfall after hitting the 450 Splash (after Tozawa rang the bell to save Ali, who was locked in Captain’s Hook. Referee Charles Robinson re-started the match and Kendrick lost moments later.)

After the match, Tozawa grabs a microphone. He asks Kendrick if he remembers the black baseball cap. Tozawa then informs Kendrick this is lesson number two: appearances can be deceiving.

We then see the footage of last night’s Raw, where Neville tells TJP that he’s been overlooked and his opportunities have been given to Aries.  We then see a clip of TJP attacking Aries after his match.

We go backstage where Dasha introduces TJP. She asks him if he wants to comment on his post-match attack on Aries. TJP tells her that it’s not about what he did to Aries. It is about what Aries did to him. He says Neville is right. He is the victim. He was a hero in the Cruiserweight Classic. He went into the lion’s den with 31 of the greatest cruiserweights. For a few months, he was a gift to the cruiserweights. In a few short days, Aries took an opportunity that belonged to him. Jack Gallagher interrupts him. Gallagher says he doesn’t understand what madeTJP act the way he did the previous night; but he hopes TJP will take a more gentleman approach to a match Gallagher has requested. TJP says he doesn’t want to hear anything from Gallagher. He adds that Aries has benefitted from his bad luck.

Rich Swann def. Johnny Ocean via pinfall after hitting a Phoenix Splash

After the match Swann tells the crowd that he told them the truth last week. He was the one who sent Alicia Fox all the presents. That might leave people wondering why he sent the gifts to Alicia Fox and why he let Noam Dar take credit for sending them. He comes close to telly people why he did it when Dar comes out. Dar tells Swann that he is a no-good, disgusting liar. Everyone knows he’s been the one who sent Alicia the presents. He asks Swann what kind of man interferes in another man’s relationship. Swann tells him no man is interfering in his relationship, and that he’s not a liar.

Alicia Fox comes out and tells Dar she believes him and calls Swann a liar. She tells Dar that what they have is something special but she did notice Swann looking at her. A man comes out to deliver another package to Alicia. Dar says it’s another gift from him. He tells Swann he can’t come between he and Alicia. He then gives Alicia his gift and white powder comes out.

We go backstage. Dasha is standing by with Aries. She asks him for his response to TJP’s attack. Aries says maybe TJP is blaming Aries for his recent lack of success. Aries says that TJP has convinced himself that by becoming Neville’s friend it’s going to turn things around for him. Aries says TJP is showing a lack of judgment. Aries says he knows what’s going though. Neville is not there to be TJP’s friend. Neville only wants a puppet, but that Aries is the puppet master. He adds that in three weeks, at Payback, he is going to face Neville for the Cruiserweight Title. He tells Sasha that all Neville wants is a buffer, someone to come between the two of them. Neville is hoping TJP will stop Aries from going to Payback but it’s not going to happen.

TJP def. Gallagher via pinfall after hitting a Detonation Kick.

After the match, Neville comes out to celebrate with TJP.

this article comes to you via @TheRealSophie1

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