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205 Live Episode #23 Rewind



This week’s episode of 205 Live starts with a clip of Neville’s DQ loss at Payback. Next we see a clip of Neville telling Top he has a chance to defeat Aries tonight the previous night on Raw. Then we see a clip of Aries defeating TJP.

TJ Perkins def. Lince Dorado via Submission

Corey Graves sat down to interview The Brian Kendrick earlier today. Graves starts by asking him how and why things have gotten so deeply personal and heated between him and Akira Tozawa. Kendrick says it’s because he has felt insulted. Kendrick says it all started about three months prior, when Tozawa came to the WWE, but it started before that. He says they met in Japan and formed a relationship. Kendrick saw Tozawa’s potential.

When Tozawa came here in the WWE, Kendrick wanted to help him; he wanted to make Tozawa his protege. Graves says Tozawa ended up saying no to Kendrick’s offer. Kendrick replies that it’s the reason why he’s so insulted. Kendrick says Tozawa thinks he knows better; he’s had a taste of success in Japan. Now he comes here in the WWE and gets in front of people. He thinks he knows everything, just like all the young guys think they know better, but that Kendrick does know better. He says whether Tozawa wanted to learn his lessons, Kendrick was determined to teach him. Graves says some people would call that magnanimous, others would argue his plans have backfired. Kendrick agrees. He says Tozawa got here and fell in love with the WWE Universe. He soaked in the adulation, screamed “ah ah ah” while the Universe shouted “ah ah ah” back at him. Tozawa only focused on this, instead of focusing on winning matches. Kendrick says that’s what they’re here to do: win matches. Tozawa is playing around, but Kendrick says he’s done playing with him. As Kendrick finishes his sentence, Tozawa attacks him. He then sit in the chair where Kendrick used to sit. Tozawa says he’s just taught Kendrick lesson #5: always end an interview with impact.

Before the match, Drew Gulak arrives with a microphone and a signs that reads: “No fly zone”. As he walks down the ramp, he tells Ali that last week, he cheat shotted Gulak. Tonight Gulak is here to make an example out of Ali. Gulak declares the arena a no fly zone. He then starts chanting: “I’m not lying, no high-flying!” a few times before he enters the ring.

Drew Gulak def Mustafa Ali via Pinfall

Gulak is interviewed after the match. He says tonight was vindication for his campaign. He says it’s like he’s been telling everyone: high-flying doesn’t work. The fans are all cheering for the high-flying superstars; but they’re leading the superstars to their demise. Ali listened to the fans: he went to the top rope and he crashed and burned. That’s why he lost. Gulak says that what he does work. That’s why he’s the future of 205 Live.

Noam Dar def. Rich Swann via Pinfall

After the match, Alicia Fox walks to the ring. She and Dar hug and get back together.

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