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205 Live Episode #26 Rewind



The shows starts with a video package of The Brian Kendrick. He says he’d like to tell the tale of Akira Tozawa. Tozawa was one of Japan’s finest cruiserweight. He made a name for himself over the last ten years. Kendrick says that even with all that experience, Tozawa still had a lot to learn here in the WWE.

Naturally, when he joined 205 Live Kendrick took it upon himself to make Tozawa his protege. But Tozawa refused and disrespected Kendrick. That’s why Kendrick decided Tozawa needed to be taught a lesson. He taught Tozawa lesson after lesson. When Kendrick thought he was finally getting through Tozawa, Tozawa had the nerve to think he could teach Kendrick. After that, there was only one thing left to do: settle things the traditional way, in the ring.

Just when Kendrick was ready to put Tozawa away, like the annoying insect that he is, Tozawa rolled him out of nowhere. Kendrick wants people to remember that he’s the man with a plan, not Tozawa. His plan was to teach Tozawa one last lesson, the lesson he would never forget. What he did to Tozawa was the right thing to do. Kendrick can’t think of a better way to end things with Tozawa once and for all than in a street fight. He’ll teach Tozawa the final lesson.

Rich Swann def. Arya Daivari via pinfall

Noam Dar attacks Rich Swann after the match is over.

Neville and Austin Aries are interviewed. Corey Graves asks Neville how he responds to the people who say this will be the greatest challenge of his championship reign. Neville responds that it’s an asinine question. He is disappointed in Corey. He should know that ever since Neville step foot in the Cruiserweight Division Neville has obliterated and defeated everyone. That includes the great Austin Aries. He’s defeated Aries twice. Neville says he doesn’t know which delusional individuals Graves has been speaking to, but Aries poses no more threat to him that the long list of pretenders.

Aries interrupts him by asking him if he really wants to talk about pretenders and delusional. Aries tells Neville that him saying he’s defeated him twice is delusional. The last time they stepped in the ring, Aries defeated Neville. Aries asks Neville if he can’t think of any reason why after the two encounters the WWE Universe believes now is the time for him to end his reign. Neville says he can’t think of any reason at all. Neville says that what surprises him the most about this situation is that Aries even has another chance. Aries has had multiple opportunities to take his crown. Aries agree that he’s had multiple opportunity and that he’s also earned this third one. Aries wants to take a look at his first two opportunities.

The first time, at WrestleMania, he had Neville locked in the Last Chancery. What did Neville do? Put his finger in Aries’ eye. Aries says Neville did it because desperate men do desperate things. He held on to his championship that time. During Aries’ second opportunity, at Payback, Aries had Neville locked in the Last Chancery again. Neville’s only way out was to grab the referee and get disqualified because Aries had him beat. Neville disagrees. He says that was not intentional. He says what Aries just said is called slander. Aries says it was intentional. What he is saying is not slander. It is the truth. Aries adds that he knows Neville doesn’t like the truth. He’ll still give him more truth. He asks Neville if he thinks he’s the first one to put roadblock in front of Aries. He asks if Neville thinks he’s the first to try and cut his legs from underneath him; because he’s not. Aries continues. He asks Neville if he thinks he’s the first who had to go find some friends to do his dirty work and try to injure him; because he’s not. Aries says he’s been down this road before. This isn’t new to him.

Aries says that he knows, Neville knows, and the WWE Universe knows that Neville has scraping by the skin of his teeth twice now. Aries says Neville knows he can’t do it the third time. Aries says he’s going to take his hobbled leg and all the anger he has and inflict pain on Neville. He has a whole catalogue of submission holds he’s been waiting to use. The last one he’s going to use is the Last Chancery. This time Neville, is going to have no choice but to tap out. Aries is going to take Neville’s Cruiserweight Championship. Neville says it’s a cute little fairytale. He asks Aries if that’s what he tells himself at night as he nurses his damaged knee, praying and hoping that it regains strength. Neville says the fact of the matter is that regardless of the narrative Aries wants to tell himself, Aries is in no condition to step into the ring with the King of the Cruiserweight. Neville is undeniable, he is unstoppable and he is dangerous. Aries says he is too. Neville says Aries should walk away now because he won’t be held responsible for what happens at Extreme Rules. Aries will be.

Cedric Alexander def. Johnny Moon via pinfall

There’s a recap of Drew Gulak and Tony Nese’s beatdown of Mustafa Ali the previous week. This takes us to a special message from Gulak. He says he represents the finest athletes in the world – the cruiserweights. He doesn’t like “showboats”. He says if he wanted to see this, he’d go see the Cirque du Soleil. He asks people to join him in his quest to make a better 205 Live.

Akira Tozawa def. The Brian Kendrick via pinfall

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