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205 Live Episode #27 Rewind



205 Live starts with a video package recapping Austin Aries and Neville’s rivalry.

Noam Dar walks to the ring with Alicia Fox. He tells people to take a good look at him and Fox. He says it’s the closest they will get to true love, especially in a dump like Atlanta. Fox adds that what she and Dar have is unbreakable and that he completes her. Dar says they are, unlike Rich Swann and Sasha Banks. Fox says Banks and Swann are jokes. Dar says this weekend, love will conquer all when they defeat Banks and Swann. Fox says she can’t wait to get her revenge on Swann because he’s done nothing but try to embarrass her.

Swann and Banks interrupt her. Swann says he doesn’t understand what that true love business is about; but from where he and Banks are standing they only look like one thing. Banks says they look like a hot mess. Banks says the bond she and Swann share is more uncommon than what Dar and Fox have. Swann agrees and says they have similar taste. Banks says they both like dancing, they have similar fashion taste and they both want to get revenge on Dar and Fox. Fox mocks Banks’ fashion. Banks mocks her right back. Her and Fox try to go after each other but Dar and Swann hold them back.

Noam Dar w/Alicia Fox  def. Rich Swann w/ Sasha Banks via Pinfall

Backstage, Dash interviews Cedric Alexander. She says the Universe is still buzzing about his return. She tells him he’s no stranger to Noam Dar and Alicia Fox. She asks him how he feels about what just happened. Alexander says he believes in karma. He predicts that at Extreme Rules, the extreme fools will get what they deserve. He says Fox is a black widow and says Dar is a snake. He says he didn’t rehab his knee for three months only to come back and rehash only relationships. He says three months might now sound like a long time but when your WWE dreams are passing you bait’s an eternity. He says as much as he’d like to stay and talk to Dasha, he has to make up for lost time.

Cedric Alexander def. Corey Hollis via Pinfall

Drew Gulak walks to the ring. If tell the Universe not to fear because Drew Gulak is here with a no fly zone. He asks people if they are sick of dives and showboating. Before he can continue, Mustafa Ali attacks him.

Drew Gulak def. Mustafa Ali via Pinfall

Dasha asks Gulak to comment on his victory against Ali. Gulak says that tonight, that victory wasn’t for him. That victory was for everything he believes and what the Universe believes the future of 205 Live should be like. He says showboating didn’t get him the win. He won with efficiency and class. He asks if showboating helped Ali win. It didn’t. Gulak says Ali needs to learn what he’s been trying to teach him all along: high-flying doesn’t pay.

Austin Aries walks to the ring. The crowd chants his name. Aries thanks them. He says he’s a popular guy because since the previous night, his social media has been blowing up. People have been sending him messages. He says it’s not just because he announced his book is available for preorder. It is because of what everyone is calling “the tap hear around the world”. He says everyone around the world all saw Neville tapping out to Last Chancery. Aries mocks Neville. He says Neville is the so-called King of the Cruiserweight and he still tapped out. The man who claims no one is at the Neville level tapped out.

The obnoxious champion who claims he can’t be stopped tapped out. Aries shows the footage of Neville tapping out. He asks if everyone got a good look at the footage. If not, Aries says he has a closeup of the footage. He asks someone if he missed it, and if he was paying attention. Aries shows the slow-motion footage of Neville tapping out. Aries says people are making a big deal of Neville tapping out, because it was the first time he tapped out. Aries says it is because the two previous times, Neville was about to tap out; or found a way out of it. At WM he put a finger in eye. Aries isn’t mad about that. Then at Payback, as he was about to tap out, Neville grabbed the referee to get disqualified. Aries says he’s mad about that.

Neville interrupts Aries. He says Aries got lucky last night. Neville says it was a one in a million, miracle moment. Neville doesn’t agree with Aries’s way of celebrating his win. He says Aries like all the vermin in the arena, has no decorum. Neville says Aries is a disease, a scab on the face of 205 Live. That’s why at Extreme Rules the King of the Cruiserweight is going to eradicate Aries once and for all by inflicting insufferable agony. 205 Live is Neville’s kingdom. It always has been. Aries has ousted his welcome. TJP attacks Aries from behind and Neville joins the beatdown.

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