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205 Live Episode #28 Rewind



Noam Dar coms to the ring. He says Cedric Alexander called him a snake last week on 205 Live. To make things worse, he called Alicia Fox a black widow. Dar says should be angry but instead he feels sorry for Alexander. He’s jealous, like all the guys in the arena that night. Fox and Alexander used to date but Fox decided to leave him for the Supernova. Fox isn’t here tonight. She is at home recovering from a neck injury. She wants Dar to tell Alexander to move on.

Cedric Alexander  def. Noam Dar via Pinfall

Backstage, Dasha interviews TJP. She tells him tonight he has the chance to regain the Cruiserweight Title. She asks him what the moment means to him. TJP asks her if she’s looking for a sob story about how he came from nothing, overcame the odds and climbed the mountain.  He’s already done that. The first time around, he was doing it for everyone else. Tonight is only about one thing: him getting the opportunity he deserves. Neville brought him in to solve the Austin Aries problem but he made the biggest mistake of his life. Now he has a TJP problem.

Mustafa Ali def. Louie Valle via Pinfall after an interruption from Drew Gulak almost costs him the match. After the match, Gulak congratulates Ali for his win and staying grounded. Gulak is very proud of Ali. Gulak says if Ali stays grounded like him, he will find success. He will never reach his full potential if he continues to do high-flying moves just to appease the fans. Ali has to learn to ignore them. If Ali wants to be a winner like Gulak, he should join his campaign for a better 205 Live. Ali flies over the top and takes Gulak out. He then destroys Gulak’s “No Fly Zone” signs and says 205 Live is a fly zone.

Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann are talking in Japanese backstage. Titus O’Neil interrupts them. Titus asks Swann to leave so he can speak to “Towazza”. Titus says Akira’s best friend, Apollo Crews recommended to recruit him to the “Brand”. O’Neil says Apollo said Tozawa had everything it took to be in the Titus Brand: star power, athleticism, and the most important thing, charisma. When he hears Tozawa’s “AH! AH! AH!” all he hears is “CHA! CHA! CHING!”. Titus says he knows Tozawa could use some extra yen in his pocket. O’Neil says Tozawa doesn’t have to answer right now. He advises Tozawa to think about it, and talk to his best friend Crews and the let him know if he’s down to join.

Dasha interviews Neville. He says TJP is not a problem. TJP was only a means to an ends, a tool. Now that TJP has served his purpose, the King will dispose of him. Neville says he doesn’t care about what TJP feels he deserves. TJP is the same as the other pretenders. He is simply not on the Neville level.

Neville def. TJP via Submission to retain his Cruiserweight Title

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