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205 Live Episode #29 Rewind



The show starts with Akira Tozawa alone in the locker room. Titus O’Neil joins him. He tells Tozawa he hasn’t even officially signed to the “Titus Brand” yet and he is already getting the VIP treatment on Raw. O’Neil says he has something even better for Tozawa. O’Neil says he’s used his connection to get Tozawa in the main event of 205 Live against the first ever WWE Cruiserweight champion, TJP. He promises Tozawa he can be the one Bryant of Japan if he joins the “Titus Brand”. O’Neil breaks into his own rendition of “It’s Raining Men”, only changing it to “It’s Raining Yen”, which is what will happen if Tozawa joins the  “Titus Brand”. O’Neil also promises that with his help, Tozawa will be the next Cruiserweight Champion. O’Neil chants “CHA CHA CHING” before leaving the locker room.

Cedric Alexander def. Arya Daivari via Pinfall.

During the match Noam Dar comes to ring side with his cellphone and Alicia Fox shows up on the titantron. Daivari tried to steal the victory while Alexander is distracted but can’t. Alexander hits his lumbar check finisher for the victory. Alexander knocks Dar from the apron. he takes Dar’s phone and hangs up on Fox, who is still ranting and yelling at Dar and Alexander.

Austin Aries comes to the ring to address what happened at Extreme Rules. He said  after the PPV, he expected to be Cruiserweight Champion but it’s not the case. He isn’t going to make excuses and how he mad Neville tap out outside the ring. He takes the blame and says he didn’t come through when it counted most. He says it’s okay, because everyone has been there. When that happens you get up and you keep going. He then addresses the rumours regarding his injuries. Aries reveals the rumours are true. He hasn’t received medical clearance to wrestle. He says he doesn’t know what his future holds. Tony Nese cuts him off and makes his way to the ring.

Nese tells Aries that in his near future, Aries should get out of the ring, climb over the guard rail and grab himself a seat while the Premier Athlete takes the ring. Nese tells Aries he should save whatever dignity he has left by quietly fading into the past. Nese says he is the future of the business. Aries reminds him that the he has already beaten him and made him tap out. Aries compliment Nese as an athlete. He mentions the sits ups Nese must have done to get his abs. Aries then goes on to ask Nese what type of workout he has done to suddenly grow a set. Nese says he doesn’t have time for Aries’ jokes. Jack Gallagher’s music hits just as it appears Nese is ready to go after Aries. Gallagher confronts Nese. He says Nese is a joke and is no Austin Aries.  Nese takes offense and charges towards Gallagher. Gallagher avoids him and hits Nese with William the 3rd.

TJP is backstage and looks disappointed. Rich Swann approaches him. Swann tells TJP he looked good against Neville the previous week. Swann also mentions the WWE Universe got behind TJP in his match against Neville the previous week. The fans started to believe in TJP and so did he. He says TJP has been walking with a chip on his shoulder; and how different TJP and Perkins are. Perkins would take care of business the right way. Swann advises TJP to get his head in the game.

A “No Fly Zone” campaign ad airs with Drew Gulak and interrupts a Mustafa Ali profile piece. Gulak runs down Mustafa Ali and his aerial style. Gulak says he represents what the Cruiserweight Division should be. Ali does the opposite.

Akira Tozawa def. TJP via Pinfall

During the match, Titus O’Neil is show backstage watching the action.

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