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205 Live Episode 30 Rewind



Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann are backstage. Swann tells Tozawa tonight is a big night for him because he has Neville in the main event. Titus O’Neil interrupts their conversation but singing his “CHA CHA CHING” song. Swann is about to leave but O’Neil holds him back. He tells Swann he has all the star power in the world. He tells Swann he has the potential to join the “Titus Brand” but he needs to change his hair because he isn’t The Weekend. After Swann leave, O’Neil presents Tozawa with a contract to join the “Titus Brand”. Tozawa doesn’t show interest but O’Neil acts like Tozawa is trying to negotiate. O”Neils offers to up the percentage Tozawa will get on the brand new Akira-themed towel merchandise. Tozawa doesn’t respond to this latest offer. O’Neill tells Tozawa he’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse on Raw.

Tony Nese  def. Jack Gallagher via Pinfall

Noam Dar is backstage. He’s on FaceTime with Alicia Fox again. Dar tells Fox he thinks they should forget about Cedric Alexander and move on. Alexander shows up. He says he’s been saying it for weeks and is sick of saying it but he is over Dar and Fox. Fox says it’s over when she says it is. Dar tells Alexander he and Fox think he should quit 205 Live. Otherwise, they will make his life a living hell. Alexander says they’ve tried that week after week and it has failed. Dar asks Alexander if he knows how to fish. Alexander looks confused. Dar tells Alexander he’s going to have to fish his bag out of the bottom of the river. Alexander grabs his bag and asks Dar if it’s the bag he is referring to. Dar looks upset and Alexander leaves. Fox gave him the wrong description. Ariya Daivari walks in the room. He asks Dar if he has seen his bag. Daivari says it was a gift from his father. There are only two in the world and it cost 15 thousand dollars. Dar walks away.

A video package show the history between Drew Gulak and Mustafa Ali. On the way to the ring, Gulak tries again to sell his “No Fly Zone” campaign on Ali. He chants: “What do we want? Ground-based offense. When do we want it? Now!” Gulak tells Ali he is not on the fast track to superstardom. The people are brainwashed by the 450 Splash. Gulak tells Ali they know better than the WWE Universe. It is their job to give everyone a better 205 Live and declare this match a ‘No Fly Zone’.

Mustafa Ali def Drew Gulak via Pinfall

Jack Gallagher is backstage. Austin Aries approaches him. Aries tells him neither of them has had much success using the gentlemanly approach. On the other hands, guys like Neville, Nese, & TJP who have been cutting corners, have had much success. Aries maybe there is something to that. Aries says maybe he and Gallagher should do the same. Gallagher says he is not comfortable cutting corners. Aries suggest they form an alliance.

Swann is backstage. TJP approaches him. TJP says he’s been thinking a lot about what Swann told him the previous week. TJP tells him he doesn’t appreciate Swann accusing him of cutting corners and walking with a chip on his shoulder. He doesn’t appreciate Swann telling him how to conduct himself. Most of all, he doesn’t appreciate Swann doing all this before his big match the previous week.

Swann says he’s already missed out on an opportunity against the champ by getting jumped. He doesn’t want that to happen again. He says if TJP was trying to get into his head, he’s sorry. Swann says they’ve been boys for years and TJP knows he’s not about that. TJP tells him he doesn’t have to explain himself. He knows why Swann did it. He says it’s not TJP or TJ Perkins in the main event tonight. It’s Rich Swann. TJP suggest Swann goes out there and do what he told TJP to do: take care of business.

Akira Tozawa makes his way to ringside to watch the main event

Neville def. Rich Swann via Submission

The show ends with Neville staring down Akira Tozawa.

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