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205 Live Episode 31 Rewind



The show starts with a video package of Titus recruiting Akira Tozawa and his rivalry with Neville.

Backstage, Dasha interviews Jack Gallagher. She asks him how he plans to recover in his match against The Brian Kendrick tonight after his loss against Tony Nese the previous week. He tells her he let his gentlemanly manner cloud his judgment against Nese. He won’t make the same mistake against The Brian Kendrick.

After Jack Gallagher enters the arena, his music starts playing again. Kendrick comes out in a suit with a fake moustache and an umbrella. Kendrick calls Gallagher caricature, a cartoon, a one-trick pony. He says Gallagher is an embarrassment, just like England. He adds Gallagher is just a cheap William Regal knock-off. The bell rings and Kendrick wrestles in his costume.

Jack Gallagher def. The Brian Kendrick via DQ after Kendrick hits him with his umbrella. Kendrick keeps attacking Gallagher with the umbrella after the match is over.

Dasha is backstage with Drew Gulak. She shows him a clip a Mustafa Ali beating him the previous week. Gulak is upset she showed a clip of Ali getting lucky but he is glad she did. It perfectly points out the message behind his no fly zone. He asks if the WWE Universe really believes someone like Ali can defeat someone of his caliber with a flashy move? Gulak may have lost the match but it was worth it to send the message of “Safe and sound, feet on the ground”. Mustafa Ali interrupts Gulak.  He says he has a few questions for Gulak. He asks why Gulak despises the “show offs? What’s to hate about exciting moves? Does  Gulak really think it is going to make a better 205 Live? Or is the real reason high-flying is something “Drew just can’t do”?

As Drew Gulak walks to the ring, he yells “Safe and sound, feet on the ground” on his microphone. He tells Ali he’s going to learn that lesson tonight, whether he likes it or not.

Mustafa Ali def. Drew Gulak via Pinfall

Backstage, Noam Dar apologizes for throwing Ariya Daivari’s back in the river. He explains he meant to throw Cedric Alexander’s bag. Dar says when you think about it, this is al Alexander’s fault. He tells Daivari he should take his anger out on him tonight. Dar says he understands it was a $15,000 bag and he will pay Daivari back. Daivari interrupts him. He says $15,000 is nothing to him. It is peasant money. If he dropped it on the ground, he wouldn’t even bend over to pick it up. Dar is relieved to hear he doesn’t have to pay Daivari back, because he’s broke. He says his phone bill is very high due to Alicia Fox always Facetiming him. While Dar is saying this, Fox calls him. Daivari takes the phone from him. He tells Dar he doesn’t want Dar’s money, but he still owes him. He then throws Dar’s phone against the wall.

Ariya Daivari def. Cedric Alexander via Pinfall. After the match, Dar attacks Alexander and beats him up. After the beatdown, he tells Alicia the Cedric Alexander chapter is over. Dar has defended  Fox’s honor and now they can move on and focus on their love.

Neville comes to the ring. He says in two weeks he will defend his WWE Cruiserweight Championship against the next so-called challenger at the Great Balls of Fire PPV. This time, the individual is a misguided, mislead individual. He’s someone who doesn’t appreciate the gravity of the situation they find themselves in. It is someone who the WWE Universe foolishly believe can beat him. Neville says not to fool yourself into thinking he is concerned with Titus O’Neil or Titus Worldwide. He says Tozawa is just another lamb being led to the slaughter. Neville says he knows Tozawa likes to give lessons.

The King of the Cruiserweight likes to give warnings. In two weeks, Tozawa shouldn’t show up at the Great Ball of Fire PPV. If he does, he will be smacked in the face with the cold, harsh realization. He doesn’t belong in the ring with Neville. He’s not even close to the Neville level. If Tozawa doesn’t believe Neville, he should ask all the people who have come before him. Tozawa is going to get hurt. Tozawa comes out to the ring. Neville says it’s just the man he wanted to see: the flavour of the month. He asks Tozawa what he wants. Tozawa just does his “AHHH” chant. Neville calls him an idiot. Neville tries to attack Tozawa. Tozawa avoids it and attacks Neville instead. He kicks Neville out of the ring and stands tall in the ring. He picks up the microphone and chants “AHHH” as he stares down Neville.

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