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205 Live Episode 32 Rewind



Titus O’Neil is walking backstage. He is on the phone with Akira Tozawa. He tells Tozawa when he wins the Cruiserweight Title from Neville at the PPV he’s going to get paid. He meets Ariya Daivari and Mustafa Ali backstage. He asks if Daivari’s shirt is swelvet (silk and velvet). He tells Mustafa Ali that with a few more wins he could be Muhammad Ali. He tells Tozawa he’s heading out to kick off 205 Live. They practice some “AH” chants then the theme song plays.

Titus is in the ring and stand behind a podium with his brand’s logo on it. He has a picture of Tozawa and Neville next to him. He says there will be some fireworks at the Great Balls of Fire PPV because of the Cruiserweight Championship match. He introduces both competitors by showing their pictures. He says Neville has been calling himself the King of the Cruiserweight but at the PPV he will be no match for Tozawa’s power.

Neville comes out.  He compliments Titus on becoming a charismatic leader; but he’s selling pure fantasy. He tells Titus to look at what really happens when a wrestler signs with Title Worldwide. Neville shows footage of Raw’s main event and the destruction of Apollo Crews at the hands of Braun Strowman. The crowd starts chanting “You’re not Strowman” at Neville. Neville pauses and says “Nice.” He then tells Titus he doesn’t care about his clients. All Titus cares about is money. Neville tells Titus he has two choices. He either proves Neville wrong and show compassion and concern for his clients and forfeit Sunday’s match; or he can take a seat at the commentary booth and watch what happens next. He says what he’s about to do to Lince Dorado is nothing to what awaits Tozawa at Great Balls of Fire. 

Neville def. Lince Dorado via Submission with Rings of Saturn

Rich Swann approaches TJP backstage and asks him why he requested their match tonight. Swann says they’re boys and asks if they have a problem. TJP tells him they don’t have a problem. He said he’d been thinking about what Swann had said about him walking with a chip on his shoulder and how he wanted to see the old TJ Perkins. TJP says that old TJ Perkins beat Swann in the CWC. They are to have a friendly competition, although Perkins says he won’t go easy on TJP tonight.

Jack Gallagher def. Tony Nese via Pinfall

After the match The Brian Kendrick appears on the screen with a “History of Great Britain”. He says on this Independence day he thought it would be fitting to remind Jack and the WWE Universe of the truth of ‘not so Great Britain”. Kendrick says history repeats itself; and he draws parallels between the “nefarious Brits’” military failures and Gallagher’s career. Kendrick says he  plans to kick Jack Gallagher out of 205Live just like his forefathers kicked the English out of America… and this revolution will be televised.

We see a replay of Cedric Alexander’s win and the segment with Noam Dar and Alicia Fox.

Backstage, Noam Dar is seen by a trainer, who tells him everything is fine and he won’t need a neck brace. Dar says this is good news, but not as good as having Foxy back. Fox runs in and he tells her his plan to win the Cruiserweight Title. Fox says that sounds great, but what about Cedric? Dar says that’s finished but Fox doesn’t agree. Fox says it will be finished when Cedric literally leaves 205 Live. Dar agree but he doesn’t look too thrilled.

Rich Swann def. TJP via Pinfall. After the match Rich Swann and TJP shake hands.

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