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205 Live Episode 35 Rewind



The show starts with Dasha introducing Neville. She tells him he surprised Akira Tozawa the previous night but it didn’t go as planned. We see footage of his run-in with Tozawa. Neville says Daivari made a critical error the previous night. He warned that it is not because he missed one week that his kingdom is vulnerable to a hostile takeover. He wants everyone to remember that 205 Live is his world, and will remain his world. Neville adds Daivari fared very well the previous week, but only because he allowed him to far well. This week will be very different. This week Daivari will learn the consequences. He will learn the difference between picking apart an injured animal like Tozawa and standing toe-to-toe with the undeniable and irrefutable King of the Cruiserweights.

Akira Tozawa joins the commentary team. He insists his injury is “fine”. Ariya Daivari makes his way to the ring. He tells Tozawa he’s not sure what he’s doing here right now. He says he’s the only one who deserves a championship match. He says after he wins tonight, he will dedicate his match to 1986 Gold medalist Abdollah Movahed.

Ariya Daivari def. Neville via Countout

The Brian Kendrick makes his way to the ring. He says he’s trying to help the people. He’s trying to teach. He says he’s sick of being attacked, he’s sick of all the snarky tweets, and he’s sick of people refusing to listen to him. He says he’s done wasting his breath. He calls the Universe “simple people” and says what they need are pictures. First we see a picture of Jack Gallagher.He asks the crowd if that looks like a fighter to them. The crowd cheers. He asks the crowd if they’ve actually a hard look at Gallagher’s face. He continues, and asks the crowd if they’ve noticed how pasty white Gallagher’s face looked. Kendrick keeps changing the picture until Gallagher’s face looks like a clown’s as he keeps asking if it looks like a fighter to them. Kendrick keeps changing the picture until Gallagher is in a full-blown clown costume. Gallagher interrupts him. Gallagher says obviously taking the high road is not going to work with Kendrick so instead he’s going to knock his bloody head off. Kendrick gets out of the ring and escapes through the crowd, saying he doesn’t fight clowns.

Dasha interviews Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander backstage. Dasha asks Swann why he chose Alexander as his tag team partner for tonight’s match against Tony Nese and TJP. He asks if she’s seen Alexander’s ‘I Quit’ match against Noam Dar two weeks ago. Alexander whooped Dar to shreds. Why wouldn’t he want Alexander as his partner. Most importantly, he says, she should ask why Alexander has accepted to become his partner. Alexander says when he joined 205 Live, he came for competition; real competition and not just competition involving a crazy ex-girlfriend. Swann gave him toe opportunity to be his partner. Alexander had to say yes.

TJ Perkins and Tony Nese interrupt them. He says after he upstaged Swann a couple of weeks ago, he knew Swann would pull out all the stops to save face. That’s why when The Premier Athlete of 205 Live joined his team, he thought Swann would cancel the match. But Cedric Alexander is a pretty good consolation prize. Tony Nese says that to be honest, Alexander looks more like a participation trophy. Swann tells them to calm down and save it for the ring. It’s supposed to be friendly competition. TJP asks him who’s being unfriendly. Alexander tells TJP not to play dumb. They all know it’s Nese’s job. Nese mocks Alexander, and says he’s really original. TJP holds him back.

TJ Perkins and Tony Nese def. Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann via Pinfall

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