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205 Live Episode 37 Rewind: Rich Swann vs. TJP



The show starts with a video package reviewing TJP and Rich Swann’s rivalry.

Tony Nese makes his way to the ring while showing off his body. He shows off his abs and says they’re high reasons why he’s better than the people in the arena.

Tony Nese def. Cedric Alexander via Pinfall

After the match Nese tells Alexander he’s a great athlete but he’s not a Premier athlete. He gives Alexander some credit, saying he takes care of his body a lot better than the people in the arena do. But as long as Nese is around Alexander is always going to be second best.

Dasha is backstage with The Brian Kendrick. They take a look at last week’s segment where Jack Gallagher destroyed Kendrick. Kendrick says Gallagher doesn’t have what it takes. He had a chance to compete, to fight Kendrick man-to-man but took a way out. He got himself disqualified. He calls Gallagher a coward and a clown. He says he won and he’s now moving on. He’s done clowning around. Gallagher shows up and beat Kendrick once again.

Before his match, Noam Dar takes a microphone. He tells his opponent he recognizes him. He’s Mark Thomas. Dar says he used to watch him wrestle when he was just a kid. Dar asks him if he’s still trying to make it and chasing the dream. Dar says he can’t relate. He’s just 24 and he’s a WWE Superstar. Dar says Thomas’ boots are probably older and her is and adds this is just a tune up match for him. He says this is probably Thomas’ big opportunity. He mockingly wishes him good luck and all the best.

Noam Dar def. Mark Thomas via Pinfall

Corey Graves is in the ring and introduces Akira Tozawa. Graves congratulates Tozawa. His road to this opportunity has been a long one; but as of last night he seems to have put Ariya Daivari and his shoulder injury behind him. Neville interrupts the interview. He tells Corey to stop. He asks Corey what he’s doing with his show. SummerSlam is coming and Corey has chosen to interview the challenger, and not the champion. Neville understands what Corey is doing. He’s trying to hype the match, but Neville is the hype. He is 205 Live. Tozawa is no competition for the King. Tozawa takes off his jacket and says he has a question for Neville. Neville makes fun of Tozawa’s english. Tozawa asks Neville how’s he going to feel when he beasts him for the title at SummerSlam. Neville laughs and goes for a strike but Tozawa drops him. Tozawa gets up on the top while Neville hurries out of the ring. Tozawa drops down to the ring. Neville runs back to the ring to attack Tozawa but Tozawa kicks him. Tozawa holds up the Title while Neville retreats.

TJP def. Rich Swann via Pinfall

After the match, TJP celebrates, dabs and talks trash to Swann. Swann doesn’t look happy about it. They go to commentary for a moment and then go backstage. TJP asks Swann if he’s a poor loser. Swann says he’s not about the losing. It’s about how TJP acted in the ring and then tried to act like they’re friends. TJP says he was just joking and messing around out there. He thought Swann could handle it. TJP says they’re still friends. He says Swann knows who he is. Swann says he’s starting to know who TJP really is.

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