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5 moves we could see when WWE’s Superstar Shakeup goes down



WWE is making a few changes to its RAW and SmackDown rosters next week in a Superstar Shakeup show on Monday Night RAW, and there are a few that seem fairly obvious.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson lost their RAW Tag Team Championship rematch to the Hardy Boyz on Monday, and Alexa Bliss lost her SmackDown Women’s Championship rematch to Naomi on Tuesday. So those two moves seem all but certain heading into the Superstar Shakeup next week.

We also know that neither the Usos nor American Alpha will be going to Monday Night RAW since their SmackDown Tag Team Championship rematch is already set up for SmackDown Live next week in Boston, which happens the day after the roster changes.

I also wouldn’t count on any of the NXT call-ups that debuted this week to move from RAW or SmackDown. I mean, never say never, but it would be weird to have Shinsuke Nakamura show up on SmackDown and then all of a sudden make his in-ring debut on RAW instead.

So other than Alexa Bliss likely headed to Monday Night RAW and Gallows and Anderson likely headed to SmackDown Live, here are five roster moves that we could see happen during the Superstar Shakeup on Monday Night RAW.


Yes, yes – Sami Zayn had that little on-screen meeting with Kurt Angle trying to buddy up with the new GM, and yes he won the mini-rivalry with Jinder Mahal on Monday.

But RAW has unsuccessfully tried to push Sami Zayn as a main event talent for a year now. Maybe it’s time to send him to SmackDown, which seems to get the more hardcore audience each week, whereas RAW gets the mainstream audience.

Sami Zayn is a better fit on SmackDown. And now that Shinsuke Nakamura made his SmackDown debut, you know that WWE will eventually want to capitalize on the classic NXT match that Nakamura and Zayn had a year ago.


The underdog and fan favorite tag team duo of Enzo Amore and Big Cass has done everything it can possibly do on RAW. With the Hardy Boyz returning to WWE during WrestleMania, and The Revival debuting from NXT during Monday’s show, there just doesn’t seem to be any room for Enzo and Cass on RAW anymore.

The SmackDown tag team division is also in dire need of fresh blood for a jumpstart, and the electrifying personalities of Enzo and Cass would be a perfect fit to do just that.


Dolph Ziggler has gone through a bizarre losing streak and mean streak on SmackDown, and most would agree that the show just doesn’t seem to know what to do with him most nights.

His rivalries with Apollo Crews and Kalisto (and even his mini-rivalry with Mojo Rawley) had zero heat or chemistry to them. Dolph even looks miserable on TV. Get him over to RAW and you could keep him as a heel and team him up in a faction with Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe.


Dana Brooke has gotten a little more air time on RAW since the middle of February, and this might actually be the best time possible to move her to SmackDown and capitalize on some of the momentum she’s built up with fans.

With Alexa Bliss likely headed to RAW and Emma bursting back onto the scene, Dana Brooke is likely to be buried again. Move her to SmackDown now while there are still cameras on her.

NXT star Asuka has been performing on house shows with the SmackDown roster, so when the time comes for her to make the jump to the main roster, she’ll likely be on SmackDown. Dana Brooke would benefit greatly from getting to wrestle Asuka twice a week.


Send Mickie James back home to RAW where she belongs. James has been great on SmackDown since she returned to WWE in January. So send her back to RAW where she was a bona fide star 10 years ago.

The chances are great that WWE is going to keep the RAW Women’s Championship belt on Bayley for a while, so everyone’s favorite underdog champion needs more heels chasing after her title. I think Mickie James and Bayley could have great chemistry together in a rivalry, too.

Plus, by doing this WWE can carry the Alexa Bliss versus Mickie James rivalry to RAW.

image credit – WWE

Richard Briggs has a bachelor's degree in journalism and has experience covering the NBA, college sports, and high school sports. He contributes WWE content for Fight Booth.

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