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5 possible former Divas returning at WrestleMania 33



Over the past few days, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter wrote that WWE Officials have begun contacting former members of the ‘Divas’ and ‘Women’s Division’ for a potential appearance at WrestleMania 33. We don’t know any more at the moment, and this is complete speculation. Even if this carries some weight, ideas and plans are scrapped on the fly when it comes to the wrestling industry as a whole, never mind the show of shows.

The Inquisitr had more on this, stating that Trish Stratus, Jazz and Lita have all been contacted. Charlotte Flair is also reported to be involved in the match, which could affect the already rumoured Fatal Four Way, with Flair defending her title against Sasha Banks, Nia Jax and Bayley.

Nonetheless, I decided that it would be fun to come up with some possible opponents for the Nature Girl. I will not include the aforementioned women on the list, and also Ashley Massaro (due to her having involvement in a class action lawsuit with the WWE).

Kharma – It’s been a long time since we saw Awesome Kong grace the squared circle. Whilst at the moment, she has an undisclosed role in Netflix’s series on Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW), but that doesn’t mean she can’t turn up in Orlando for WrestleMania. Kharma had a small stint with WWE in 2010. In this time, she never wrestled a match due to an unexpected pregnancy; however, she did set up a feud with The Bella Twins before leaving, so she could work with them when she returned. She made a surprise return in 2012’s Royal Rumble match, becoming the third woman in history to be in the predominantly male match. She eliminated Hunico before forcing Micheal Cole to eliminate himself (yes – that’s the wrestling we all know and love) before being eliminated herself by Dolph Ziggler. This has been her only ‘match’ in WWE. She left on good terms and I think this could lead to a permanent role on the roster. Many people would pay to see Nia Jax vs. Kharma.

Beth Phoenix – Phoenix is one of WWE’s most underrated female athletes. She bares many similar physical traits to Charlotte, both being exceptional heel performers. This is the only match I could think of when it comes to dream matches involving Charlotte and a former ‘Diva’. This one is unlikely; she’s recently given birth to her second child. This was a while back, and she posts gym pictures on Twitter, so I wouldn’t quite rule things out. It must be said that above all else, the two women would put on one heck of a showdown, and a classic Mania match to look back on for years. Phoenix never received her well-deserved singles match on the biggest show of the year.

Victoria – Another underrated female wrestler, she still performs on the Indies to this day. She was rumoured for a return back when the brand split began getting in motion. She was one of the first women to compete in a Steel Cage. Charlotte and Victoria share aspects of their arsenals, both using minor high-flying moves. She never rose to the levels of women like Jazz or Beth Phoenix, so this means this is less likely, but in the run up to the event itself, I wouldn’t rule out an odd Raw or SmackDown Live appearance.

Melina (cover photo) Only coming back to wrestling about a year ago, Melina was one of the faces of WWE’s women’s division. She has been praised by Bret Hart as “one of the industry’s greatest wrestlers”, and whilst I wouldn’t say that, it certainly means something if you’re getting those kind of compliments from the best there ever is, was and ever will be (considering his own niece Natalya can’t get the same kind words). She showed up in Lucha Underground at the end of Season 2, and ever since people had asked for her to get back on TV. In particular, she’s especially suited to face The Boss, Sasha Banks. They are both similar sizes, physique wise. Their moves would work effectively against each other. Their gimmicks too could create a great rivalry, with Sasha reportedly going heel sometime after FastLane.

AJ Lee – Now this would take some magic, but it’s not impossible. Her book, ‘Crazy is my Superpower’ is releasing this year (and was to rival Stephanie McMahon’s ‘unREAL’ which seems to have been delayed to 2020), though I doubt the company will want to promote that as it could reveal dark sides of the WWE, following the footsteps of her husband, CM Punk. Although ‘retired’, AJ is still under contract. WWE did this so she couldn’t show up in TNA or anything of the sort. In particular, fans would especially beg to see Sasha Banks vs. AJ Lee. If WWE wants to pull out all the stops, this is one they should pursue, but don’t hold your breath.

That’s my list. I’ve missed some people out, some on purpose like Michelle McCool (who recently recovered from some sort of skin cancer) or the likes of Kristal Marshal or Kelly Kelly, just because their ring work won’t hold up with today’s roster members and they likely wouldn’t pull in anyone. Feel free to harass me on Twitter about it (and I know some people will take me up on that offer)!

This article comes to us by way of @HarryOddie

Known for his thoughts on politics, wrestling and Henshin, Harry researches lost and obscure media. He formally ran the 'Harry's Commentary Table' YouTube channel and makes various appearances on both wrestling and non-wrestling related channels. Harry has since moved on from Fight Booth to explore other opportunities.

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