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A.J. Styles to NXT news, Tyson Kidd injury, Kevin Owens behind the scenes



There’s been a lot of banter about IWGP champion A.J. Styles being courted by WWE to begin working on NXT. Here’s what Styles had to say about the matter on Inside the Ropes radio (transcribed by WONF4W):

The first thing I’m gonna do is what’s best for me and my family, that’s what I’m gonna do. People know I was in TNA but I don’t think people think of me now as ‘The TNA Guy’ Now they see me as a New Japan guy or a Ring of Honor guy. I had to work to make sure I wasn’t known as a TNA guy to get my product, being AJ Styles, out there again but at the end of the day like I say, whatever’s best for me and my family I’ll do. This is a business. Despite what people may think “AJ left TNA” this is a job. I thought I deserved a little bit more for all the effort and stuff into, you know any business, and to not get paid what I think I deserve would be dumb. You don’t work hard to take a step down, you work hard to take steps up. I went out and found a step up in the wrestling business and if there’s another opportunity to step up, then I’ll do that.

We know that Tyson Kidd suffered a serious injury earlier this week in his match against Samoa Joe. The injury was suffered during a dark match during a WWE Superstars taping this past Monday night. Talent has been asked to keep quiet about injuries from here on out but word around the campfire is that Kidd’s is of the spinal cord variety.

A timetable for Kidd’s return is unknown but it’s been said that he may be able to avoid surgery. Kidd has been on an incredible run with Cesaro of late and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Here’s an emotional behind the scenes look at Kevin Owens’ before and after his PPV debut against John Cena at Elimination Chamber this past weekend.