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A review: Wilder vs Ortiz II



Last year, Deontay Wilder defended his WBC heavyweight title from Luis Ortiz by way of technical knockout in the tenth round. Last month, the rematch was fought, and Wilder came out on top once more. 

Wilder and Tyson Fury are close to confirming their heavyweight title match for next year, but the Deontay Wilder odds do not favour the American. He holds a strong record of 42-0-1 with 41 KO’s, so it is difficult to comprehend anybody being able to out-box the current champion. Let’s take a look at his latest fight against Ortiz to see what Fury is potentially up against in the New Year.


Upon entering the ring, Ortiz seemed ready. Bouncing along as he walked down the tunnel, he looked well prepared, but he already knew what he was up against and you could see a small glimpse of doubt in his eyes as he waited for Wilder to enter.

Wilder’s entrance was just as you would expect – full of confidence. The boxer walked casually to the ring, standing tall and strong, decorated in a white and gold jeweled outfit, complete with a full face mask. He was ready, and no doubt his presence would have been felt by Ortiz.

Round 1

Both boxers were preserving their energy. Having already fought one another, they knew what the other was capable of. It wasn’t a case of testing the other’s abilities, but more standing back and waiting for the other to strike first and make themselves vulnerable. 

Round 2

Having settled into the ring, it was expected for one boxer to come out with more force than the other. At first, it appeared to be Wilder lunging forward and landing more punches, but clearly, this was a tactic for Wilder to lure Ortiz into beginning his attack. 

Round 3

Ortiz came out of his corner throwing multiple punches at the Bronze Bomber. The fight for the title had begun, with both throwing combos again and again. Ortiz attempted to back Wilder into a corner, but he managed to escape, although not without receiving a punch in the jaw. Ortiz was picking up the pace, and it seemed he was beginning to gain control of the bout.

Round 4

Yet again, Ortiz began the round with high intensity. He had forced Wilder to remain defensive whilst he unleashed punch after punch. Wilder ended up on the ropes and in corners multiple times, forcing him to swap to an offensive tactic.

Round 5

Ortiz began to focus on body shots, knowing he was at a height and reach disadvantage, he chose to avoid reaching for the 6’7” giant’s head. Wilder began to land more punches with a few swipes to Ortiz’s head. He was taking advantage of fatigue, and whenever his guard dropped, Wilder swooped in with a jab. 

Round 6

King Kong stuck with his game plan. High intensity, body shots, and attempting to run Wilder around the ring, forcing him onto the back foot. Ortiz became frantic in his punches whereas Wilder remained calm, almost as if he had always planned to waste Ortiz’s energy.

Round 7

It was time, Wilder was released from his corner, throwing jab after jab. He was stepping up his game and was ready to claim victory. Ortiz continued to try and weaken Wilder but failed. As the Bronze Bomber teased his right hook out of its holster, his opponent began to pick up momentum. 

Just as Ortiz had forced Wilder towards the ropes, the tables quickly turned, and Wilder landed a powerful right hook to the face, sending Ortiz to the canvas. Although the Cuban managed to rise to his feet, the referee named Wilder victorious, with Ortiz wearing a face of bedazzlement.

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