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Alberto Del Rio (El Patron) press conference notes from Mexico City



Following his release from WWE earlier today, Alberto Del Rio held a press conference in Mexico City to discuss his future inside and out of pro wrestling. Here’s what we learned:

• Alberto will once again be known as Alberto El Patron from here on out. WWE still owns the rights to the name “Del Rio”.

• There were no hard feelings between Alberto and WWE. Although he would express that he “did not feel comfortable” working there – he also said that he came to today’s presser feeling quite liberated. Vince McMahon will not hold him to the usual 90-day no compete clause. He can work in Mexico starting tonight if he wants. He has to wait until October 1st to work in the States due to his contract.

• As far as another run with WWE goes, Del Rio says to Vince, “Don’t rule out a call from me someday.” He says WWE gave him a great deal.

• He does not plan to wrestle any more than 60 days a year before retiring in two years. He won’t sign exclusively with any promotion. He plans to talk to AAA, CMLL, Elite and other promotions in the near future.

• He has been talking to a mixed martial arts promotion (likely Campbell McLaren’s Combate Americas) to work as an announcer and more behind the scenes.

• Paige was spotted at the press conference. Alberto made no mention of her or their respective 30-day wellness policy violations.

H/T – Super Luchas