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Alberto Del Rio suspended due to wellness policy violation



Alberto Del Rio has been suspended due to a violation of the WWE wellness policy. Since this was Del Rio’s first violation he will be suspended for 30 days effective tomorrow, August 18th.

Del Rio wrestled in the main event on last night’s Smackdown in Austin, Texas where he lost against John Cena. Here’s the official statement that came down from WWE officials late last night:

STAMFORD, Conn. — WWE has suspended Jose Rodriguez (Alberto Del Rio) for 30 days effective tomorrow, Thursday, Aug. 18, for his first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.

In semi-related news, today is the birthday of Monday Night RAW’s Paige. Del Rio and Paige have been dating publicly for a few months now and according to various sources neither competitor has been happy with their current place on the roster. Paige has been out of action since late June due to shoulder, neck and back issues.