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All Access ‘Mayweather vs. Maidana’ – Episode 3



You can’t let Mayweather be comfortable……You gotta make it ugly, you gotta make it dirty. It’s happened to Cotto, it happend to De La Hoya. They kind of like lose it in the ring when they’re in front of Mayweather. With Chino, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Chino has no respect for nobody when they’re inside the ring. He doesn’t care, he just goes in there..tries to knock his opponent out.” – Robert Garcia

A person can say whatever they want to say about me. Whether you do like me, or you don’t like me, I’m real, I’m not f***ing fake. I’m not f***ing fake.” – Floyd Mayweather

Here we go fight fans. We’re just over 24 hours out from the biggest fight of the year, and as always, Floyd Mayweather is here to help hype up not only himself, but his opponent.

Get your  final All Access look at Mayweather and Maidana ahead of ‘The Moment’ below.

This isn’t a pilgrimage. It’s a business trip.” – Barry Pepper on Maidana’s trip to Vegas