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‘UFC’s Most Violent Man’ title on the line when Alvarez and Gaethje meet in Detroit



After Eddie Alvarez (28-5, 15 KO’s) and Justin Gatheje (18-0, 15 KO’s) go to war in Detroit on Saturday night, Dana White will not be wrapping a world title around the winner’s waist. Instead, the victor will earn bragging rights to another title as the blood spilled during their time together begins to dry on the canvas.

“On Saturday, I’ll finally be crowned the UFC’s most violent man,” Alvarez said in the build up to UFC 218. “That’s the only title I care about right now. There’s an interim title, there’s a real title, nobody is really doing anything with either one of them so I’m gonna make a third title — that’s the most violent man.”

Alvarez would go on to describe the fashion in which he’d finish his opponent. He believes that he’ll put Gaethje down with a hard punch or kick before “choking his neck.” Gatehje responded with the following,”He’s not gonna be considered very violent if he goes for a submission when he drops me. That’s not what you do if you’re a violent person. If I drop him and if he’s not asleep I’ll stand him back just like I did Michael Johnson and I’ll continue to beat his face in. That’s what the most violent person does,” he explained.

And of course, Alvarez was quick to respond to Gaethje’s response, “If I choke out a man who’s unconscious, that’s pretty f**king violent to me.” Touché.

No matter whose side you’re on come Saturday night, you have to respect the ongoing banter between two men who share a mutual respect for one another after coaching opposite teams during season 26 of The Ultimate Fighter. These two refused to be someone else for the sake of the cameras in an effort to build up their upcoming fight. There simply was no need for it. Everybody knows what each man is capable of when they enter the cage to do battle. And battle they will do on PPV for the world to see in a city that is no stranger to some good old fashioned violence. 

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