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‘The American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes joins the Bullet Club (video)



As promised, a new Bullet Club member was announced overnight during the World Tag League Finals event in Miyagi.

After Evil, Bushi, Sanada defeated Tenzan, Kojima and Nagata in a 6-man tag match, The Bullet Club took the ring to announce their newest member. Bullet Club leader Kenny Omega made the announcement.

“It brings great joy, to my black, black heart, to introduce to you the next, the very new Bullet Club member. Truth be told, after the global, the intergalactic disaster that was Bone Soldier, I’ve felt that I’ve had to make it up to you. And so, yes, perhaps you’ve heard the rumors. The next member of the Bullet Club is a monster. Oh ya, and he is, Ry…..I can’t do this. I can’t announce it. I will not speak Japanese and thus these words are lost to you fans. So I’ve done something. I’ve done something sugoi (amazing). I have brought a video. And even all of you people should be able to understand the newest member of the Bullet Club, please watch this screen.”

Cody says: “You’ve known me as the grandson of a plumber. You’ve known me as dashing. And the ‘Prince of Dark Matter’. ‘The Star that left them in the Dust’. But is the world ready for the next chapter of the story? Is the world ready for ‘The American Nightmare’?”

Cody will be going by “The American Nightmare” (a homage to his father’s “American Dream” nickname) and he will make his NJPW debut inside of the Tokyo Dome on January 4th as a part of Wrestle Kingdom 11.

Here are some other notes from the NJPW World Tag League Final:

• Togi Makabe and Tomaki Honma won the finals for the 2nd consecutive year by defeating the Guerrilas of Destiny. A Doomsday Koekshi followed by a diving Koekshi from Honma (and a King Kong knee drop off the top rope for good measure from Makabe) put Tanga away to seal the deal.

• Hiromu Takahashi (Kamaitachi) accepted Naito’s offer to join Los Ingobernables de Japon. Hiromu will take on KUSHIDA for the Junior Heavyweight Title at WK 11.

• Okada and Ishii defeated Omega and ‘Hangman’ Page in their tag match but it would be Omega who would win the battle before the main event at WK11. Omega returned the ring following the loss to obliterate Okada and Gedo.

Omega’s parting words: “Okada, I just killed you. I killed your father. Oh ya, I killed Gedo. There’s no limit to what I will do destroy you – don’t ever forget that.”

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