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Andrade lives up her up to her name, KO’s Rose to win title at UFC 237



Bate Estaca. It’s the rough translation in Portuguese for Pile Driver. The nickname was bestowed on Jessica Andrade when she was disqualified for supposedly using the tried and true pro wrestling move during a BJJ tournament.

Tonight, Jessica lived up to her nickname.

In the main event of UFC 237 in Rio, after being thoroughly outboxed for the first round and a half, Jessica Andrade lifted UFC Strawweight Champion Rose Namajunas over her head and came down in a devastating piledriver like slam, dropping the now former champion on her neck. A few window dressing hammerfists revealed that Rose was out and we had a new UFC Strawweight Champion.

It was shocking reversal of fortune, as “Thug Rose” used deft movement, a beautiful left jab and varied punches and kicks to thoroughly befuddle the Brazilian challenger throughout the fight. Andrade did land one big slam in the first, but Rose turned into an armbar attempt and created enough separation to get to her feet. A big knee from Rose dropped the challenger towards the end of the round, but Jessica was able to recover.

Andrade was increasing her pressure as the second round went on, but Rose seemed to be timing her rushes well and pulling her down by the back of the head. It was looking like a beautiful title defense in the making until Jessica closed the distance and got in on another huge slam…

According to a man who knows a thing or two about slams, UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, the mistake Rose made was hanging to Andrade’s arm as she was in the air. If she had let go of the arm, she would have over-rotated and landed on her back. But instead, the error left her out on the mat, losing her title.

Thankfully, Rose was up and walking around after the knockout, praising her opponent and Brazil. It was a shocking turn of events for a champion who until then, had been doing everything right.

For Andrade, not only is she the first Brazilian strawweight champion ever, she cements herself as the winningest fighter in UFC women’s history. She has won four in a row since losing her first title shot to Joanna Jedrzejczyk almost two years ago to the day at UFC 211. Jessica also salvaged what was a rough night for Brazil, with Antonio “Lil’ Nog” Nogueira, Jose Aldo, and Anderson Silva all suffering tough losses.

There is immediate talk of a rematch and given Rose’s dominance before the knockout, it seems like a good idea. There’s no other clear contender waiting, Joanna Jedrzejczyk is coming off a loss, and Joanna got a rematch against Rose after losing by first round KO. Given the excitement these two ladies provided, it feels like a no brainer.

No matter who faces “Bate Estaca” next, let’s hope they let go of her arm when they go sky high…

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