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From The Ashes, Rises The (Rey) Fenix w/ Rey Fenix of Lucha Underground



EPISODE 22- Fire,baby! The interview & the music selection is ALL FIRE! As a True Believer of Lucha Underground, it was an honor to sit down with the one and only Rey Fenix in this rare interview. A very humble star & student of professional wrestling, we talk about the past, present & future of his career among other things. Topics include:

– His new name
– Idols, Rey Mysterio Jr & Super Crazy
– Happiness in wrestling
– Lucha Underground
– Story with Catrina & Mil Muertes
– Masks in Lucha Libre
– Favorite Opponents
– The future of Rey Fenix
and more

This episode is sponsored & provided by House Of Hardcore

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Music Guest: Substance Abuse
Song: Rear View feat KRS-One

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