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Bad News in the Bank




Rollins. Ambrose. Ziggler. Swagger. RVD. Kofi. Barrett. These are your seven competitors in the “traditional” Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday, live on the WWE Network. It’s an interesting field, but it would be crazy to think that any superstar could win. Right? On paper, Kofi, Swagger and RVD stand little to no chance of climbing that ladder. Dolph Ziggler, a fixture on someone’s naughty list, probably won’t come close to the briefcase. Those are rather safe assumptions to make, unless WWE has the desire to troll their fans with an unlikely victor. The marks’ jaws would be on the carpet if Kofi Kingston won that briefcase, so you couldn’t deny the intrigue. Compelling as that might sound, it’s highly doubtful they go in that direction. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose seem like obvious choices, but a feud heading into Summerslam could be their fortune. That only leaves one candidate — and I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news! (Man, I wish I could do that accent) Bad News Barrett is a great candidate to hold the briefcase; he’s both ready to hold a title and over enough with the crowd to do so. Rollins, Ambrose, or Ziggler could also handle this responsibility, but Barrett might be in better position.

Think about his cash-in moment; it would be off the charts. “God Save Our Queen” blasting when the champion is fallen on the mat would get a pop that rivaled Ziggler’s previous cash-in on a gimpy Alberto Del Rio (my favorite RAW moment of the last two years). Here’s the real mark-out possibility with a Barrett cash-in: the microphone. Let’s say, for the sake of this discussion, that John Cena is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at this time (hopefully, he won’t be). Barrett comes out with his briefcase, a referee, and a microphone: “John Cena, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news!” The pop would blow the roof off. Barrett could also force ring announcer Justin Roberts to say “he’s got some bad news, he’s cashing in his contract for the…” This moment writes itself.The former Shield-mates might get a similar reaction if they cash in (Ziggler, too), but the Barrett moment has staying power.

A Money in the Bank cash-in moment should be a lasting memory, if at all possible. With Bad News Barrett, that is possible. Ziggler’s cash-in on Del Rio stood out for several reasons; he waited so long, he had AJ Lee and Big E mobbing to the ring with him, and it was in front of the mental (in a good way), post-Wrestlemania crowd. Daniel Bryan pinned a knocked out Big Show, and celebrated like Rocky Balboa when he won. That was memorable. Barrett’s moment could follow suit, allowing WWE to avoid another Kane or Jack Swagger cash-in. Yes, Jack Swagger actually won Money in the Bank.Several outcomes could be considered a success this Sunday. Ambrose or Rollins winning the contract would symbolize a new star booking his ticket to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Dolph Ziggler holding that briefcase again would be a mark’s dream. Kofi, Swagger, or RVD would leave us shocked and confused; two of the greatest emotions in pro wrestling fandom. But a Wade Barrett victory has the potential to be memorable.

Here’s hoping that come Sunday, WWE gives us some bad news.

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