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Bas Rutten: I think Fedor is going to fight in Japan



Editor’s Note: Fedor will indeed headline an event for a new promotion being built by former PRIDE FC president Mr. Sakakibara. The event will be co-promoted by Bellator and will air live New Year’s Eve on Spike TV. 

It’s no secret that Fedor Emelianenko (34-4) is the hottest free agent on the market today. After taking some time away from the sport, the former PRIDE Heavyweight champion feels that it is time to return to the ring.

Since coming out of retirement, Fedor’s name has been on the tip of suitors, media members and fans tongues alike – all summer long. With his ties to Scott Coker, Bellator immediately became the leading candidate. Then, talks of a rematch against current UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum came to the forefront. Heck, even WSOF has gotten some press in regards to Fedor coming back to the cage. But the latest and most likely landing spot for the Russian legend appears to be a promotion that has yet to be named. Here’s what UFC Hall of Famer and Inside MMA’s Bas Rutten (via Facebook) has to say about Fedor and his potential landing spot:

First of all about last time: A good source told me that Fedor was going to fight for the UFC, that’s why I told you guys that here on FB, I really thought/hope(d) he was correct, maybe he wasn’t, we will find out.
(Rematch with Werdum would be awesome)

But this is my personal thought and it starts all falling into place, again, I could be wrong but check it out

For the last months there are very strong rumors that there will be a new Japanese organization, I have seen the person who is rumored to do it (from Japan) actually here in the US at an event a bunch of months ago which I, at the time, thought was interesting because what would he do here? Scouting?

Anyway, I also always said that starting a new Japanese organization like Pride is going to need a Japanese super star in order to kick off. Just like Satake did in the K1, and the one who did it even better we all know, Sakuraba because he made Pride huge.
Sure there was the Gracie name attached to it as well, but he beat 4 of them and let’s face it, every country likes to root for their own so he made it, again, HUGE!

Since I can’t come up with a name of a Japanese fighter that could take the MMA world by storm, otherwise we would have seen him fight over here in the US, (and I am talking Sakuraba caliber, but now in this “day and age”) I thought that starting a new MMA organization in Japan would be very hard to pull off, UNLESS they had that superstar.

So, around the same time that I hear about the organization (a few months ago), Fedor is suddenly coming out of retirement as well? And who was one of the most beloved fighters in Japan next to Sakuraba in Pride? Yes, that was Fedor!

I know another thing but can’t mention that, but it also fits a piece in the puzzle

I also hear there is going to be a new years eve show in Japan, personally, (and again, I could be wrong), if that is the case I think he will fight there. Why? Simply because the promoter would be smart to book him

It could be all a coincidence, but it also makes sense…..

Aaaahh, the conspiracy theories!!!! Up to you what you think, it’s just my crazy mind thinking and sharing!