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‘Being Mike Tyson’ premieres tomorrow on FOX (playlist)




Being Mike Tyson premieres tomorrow on FOX and to celebrate we’ve put together a mini-playlist. The FOX Sports YouTube channel has been huge on Tyson content of late and just in case you’ve missed a lot of it we’ve got a bunch of it for you below.

To watch the debut of ‘Being Mike Tyson’ on FOX tomorrow please check your local listing. Due to NFL Football it will vary depending on your location. Also, the show will air regularly on FOX Sports 1 beginning next Tuesday (September 24th) for the next five weeks at 10:30 p.m. ET.

1. Being Mike Tyson Promo

2. UFC stars share their favorite ‘Iron Mike’ quotes

3. Tyson talks Mayweather vs. Canelo

4. Blindfolded Darts with Tyson, Earnhardt Jr. and more!

5. UFC light heavyweight Glover Teixeira discusses meeting his idol

5. Tyson and Holyfield discuss the infamous ‘ear biting’ incident

6. “Babysitter to the stars” Burt Watson discusses Tyson’s greatness

7. Tyson throwing darts blindfolded!

8. Tyson compares his fight style to Money May’s

[youlist pid=”PLkLFPZjcXqDc9P4eX9nWTF-tklJtZjBB5″]

images via msn.foxsports