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Bellator 108 Meets The Ramones




On Friday night Bellator 108 went down at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, and it featured the debut of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in the main event. It was a night of first round finishes as the final six fights of the night on Spike TV were all stopped in opening frame. The six fights lasted less than eighteen minutes and was like the first side of a Ramones album. They were fast, filled with action and left you pumped up and ready for more.

The main event almost made it to the second round and was the longest fight on Spike TV as Rampage got the finish right before the bell. No offense to Joey Beltran who is a veteran of the sport but this was all about Rampage. Beltran did exactly what he was supposed to do, and that was provide Rampage with a test but not beat him.

The fight started with Rampage stalking and walking Beltran down who was on the move. He frustrated Rampage at one point by his ability to avoid him. Beltran decided to engage with Rampage the first minute and half of the first round. As the round was nearing the end Rampage had Beltran against the cage. He landed a left knee. Beltran tried to clinch and Rampage went left right to the body. He then threw a short and quick left hook. Beltran started to go down and Rampage land a grazing right hand as Beltran dropped straight down on his hands and knees. Rampage threw another right hand while Beltran was on the ground. The referee moved, waved off the fight and the bell sounded. Beltran tried to protest but it was a good stoppage as he was dropped and would have got blasted one more time if the ref did not step in. This was one of longer fights on the night and Rampage is a little older so the perfect song for this fight is Howling at the Moon (Sha-La-La).


The co-main event was a heavyweight title fight between two talented Russians. It followed the format of the night as heavy-handed challenger Viataly Minakov won via TKO over former champ Alexander Volkov. Volkov was the taller and longer fighter but Minakov never gave him a chance to use his length. Minakov was all over Volkov rushing in with no respect for Volkov’s power. He roughed Volkov up on the inside and Volkov attempted a supplex that did not work and he landed flat on his back with Minakov on top. Minakov did a little damage but Volkov was able to use his length to shut Minakov down and get the standup. He threw a combination with a couple of kicks but nothing landed cleanly. Minakov just kept coming forward and then suddenly he launch a right uppercut as he stepped and Volkov crashed down. A couple of right hands on the ground to finish it and Minakov kept his perfect record to go with his new championship belt. It was quick, it was violent and it was definitive just like another great Ramones song Cretin Hop from their Rocket to Russia album.

Patricio “Pitbull” is a BEAST! He just destroyed Justin Wilcox to earn another featherweight title shot. There should be a hype train rolling for him, so let’s get one started with a quick punk rock style look. He is only twenty-six years old and is already 21-2. The two losses are via split decisions to Joe Warren and Pat Curran. Now he gets to face new champion Daniel Straus who he beat in May of 2011. He has sixteen finshes, 9 KO/TKO’s and 7 submissions. He is a complete fighter already at a young age and only getting better.

Patricio has power in both hands and rocked Wilcox multiple times throughout this short fight. Early in the opening moments of the round Patricio staggered Wilcox with a stiff jab. Later he rocked him with a right left combination that sent Wilcox to the ground. Patricio finished him off there with a quick relentless top pressure. He stayed on top while peppering blows down. Wilcox tried to escape and Patricio flattened him out and pounded away until the referee stepped in ending the fight. It was another masterful performance by Patricio and lasted 2:23 and one of my favorite Ramones songs comes in at 2:33 – Beat on the Brat. Which is exactly what Patricio did to Wilcox, oh yeah.

In other action Marcos Galvao defeated Tom McKenna via a first round TKO. He then proceeded to give an entertaining but confusing interview in the cage after the fight. The interview was reminiscent of Funky Man, the single by Dee Dee King, the rap alias of Dee Dee Ramone, from his Standing in the Spotlight album. If you put a beat to Galvao’s interview it would be a better song than Funky Man.

In other action Liam McGeary defeated Mojtaba Najim Wali via armbar and Tom DeBlass KO’d Jason Lambert; both first round finishes. It was a night of exciting finishes that featured the debut of Rampage for Bellator MMA. They also crowned a new heavyweight champion in Minakov, but the star that will emerge from this card will be Patricio Pitbull. His fighting style is most like the Ramones music. He is fast, powerful and in your face. Once you get past the fury you see the artistry beneath it. Pitbull is just a title away from becoming the next big Bellator MMA star and he is going to get his chance at the title in his next fight.

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