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Bellator 109 Moment: Shlemenko’s liver shot (Video)



Bellator closed out season nine strong in Bethlehem, PA with a card that featured their middleweight champion, Alexander Shlemenko, taking on Season 8 tournament champion Doug ‘The Rhino’ Marshall.

Check out the play-by-play via our resident Fight Wolff:

The early part of the round was closely fought. Shlemenko was winning the round with his takedowns and the more effective striking. Marshall landed a couple of nice solid shots that Shlemenko was able to weather. With two minutes left in the round he went to work on Marshall’s body. He had landed a couple of punches, kicks and knees throughout the round but nothing like the onslaught he unleashed to close out the fight.

It started with a left knee and right knee combo at the 1:52 mark of the round. They came in the clinch and Shlemenko pushed Marshall back against the cage and landed a left hand to the body as the broke off the clinch. Then back into the clinch and left knee, right knee and left hand to the body. Marshall was absorbing the shots and targeting the head landing a couple of decent shots but nothing solid and a solid right uppercut in the clinch. This broke up the clinch and Shlemenko backed up then planted and landed another solid left to the body as Marshall was coming in.

Moments later Marshall landed a solid inside leg kick to Shlemenko’s right leg and countered with another thudding left to the body. Then he grabbed the back of Marshall’s neck with his left hand and BAM! Right to the body. Switched up and with his right hand around the neck Thud! Thud! left hands to the liver. Bang! Right knee. They grappled against the cage and right knee to the body right hand to the head. KaBoom! Marshall counters with an uncorked right uppercut that snapped Shlemenko’s head back. He covered and Marshall unloaded with a couple of more solid head shots. They were blocked but still had him rocking back and forth from their impact. They separated and BANG Shlemenko stepped forward with a perfectly timed and landed liver shot. Marshall was stepping in for another uppercut which left him wide open for the left hand to the body.

To his credit Marshall did not drop. There are a lot of fighters that would have from that shot, but Marshall is old school tough. He did visibly start to crouch over in pain but righted himself. Shlemenko did not give him a chance to recover and launched a kick to the body. They ended up again in the clinch against the cage and Shlemenko landed anotherr right left to the body with fifty-four seconds left in the round. It was sheer toughness that was keeping Marshall on his feet. Kerpow! another left to the body right hand to the head. Still Marshall refused to go down and a partially blocked left kick to the body from Shlemenko.

Marshall gamely launched a right head kick that just grazed Shlemenko’s head. He followed that up a clubbing right hand that was mostly forearm but did land on Shlemenko’s head. It was as he was throwing a left-hand uppercut that Shlemenko countered with a left-hand to the liver. Shlemenko got there quicker and Splatt! Marshall collapsed to the ground in pain and the fight was over.

[youtube id=”6-2BOLUbHnQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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