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Your all-time favorite B.J. Penn moments



bjbloodThere are probably about a handful of fighters in the relatively short history of mixed martial arts that you could dub a ‘once in a lifetime’ fighter while keeping a straight face. B.J. Penn is one of those fighters. He may even be the first one that comes to mind for some.

In light of him calling it a career this past Sunday night (it feels very real this time) we took to twitter (you can follow us @FightBooth) to ask our followers what some of their favorite B.J. Penn moments were. What we found was that our followers are a bunch of sick puppies that like to watch grown men lick other grown men’s blood off of their own 8 0z. gloves.

In all honesty, there were so many incredible moments in Penn’s career and we are very thankful that the following folks shared their favorites with us. We included what we thought were the best responses below. If you’d like to include yours also please do so in the comments section below.