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Brandon Vera calls Angela Magana ‘trifling c**t’, boots her out of Alliance MMA



ONE Championship Heavyweight King Brandon Vera has kicked Angela Magana out of Alliance MMA gym.

If anyone is unsure about why he would do such a thing – here’s a post by Vera via his Facebook page that will explain all of it –

I was gonna leave this alone….,but this trifling Cunt is still at it.
She kinda embodies what’s wrong with the world today… super entitled, whines n Cries about everything, IG ass famous, and no other skills whatsoever, pretty worthless.

Bitch you got your card pulled….. for “cyber bullying” someone you thought you’d never run into. Super drama Queen……..

Do me a favor and keep your ass away from my Alliance MMA

I super feel like a bully for posting this, but, she’s a prime example of the world gone to shit, crybaby ass, the only positive thing about it is she isn’t a guy….. (fuck) there’s plenty of them as well.
P.S. There’s a reason why No One is standing up for u, not your homegirls, training partners, even fighters at the summit. You deserved it…

Also, your hospital pics are shit for a case since you went to a #snoopdogg concert that very same evening.
If this burns any of y’all and wanna talk about it… I’m in Guam now and back to PH next week. Come on out.

Magana was punched by UFC featherweight Cris ‘Cyborg’ at a UFC Athlete Retreat last weekend after continuous verbal and cyber abuse of the Brazilian. This has led to a ton of press on the incident which has brought Magana back into the limelight for the first time since she released nude photos of herself on social media. Magana has expressed that she will be pressing charges against Cyborg.

Magana currently holds a record of 0-3 during her time with the UFC. As of right now she is still employed with the company.

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