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Is Brock vs. Goldberg II something you really want to see?



The Conqueror versus Da Man. The Beast Incarnate versus The Myth. Brock vs. Goldberg II.

This November, we will witness an infamously already seen fantasy matchup at WWE Survivor Series as Brock Lesnar will take on the returning Bill Goldberg. Why is this infamous, you ask?

For those of you who were not a wrestling fan or were not even around 12 years ago, these two men faced each other in a “must see” matchup at the 20th edition of WrestleMania in Madison Square Garden. As I remember, many fans including myself were pumped and very excited to witness this encounter between the two powerhouse wrestlers as both their careers had run a slight parallel of dominating whoever that was on the opposite end of the ring at that time.

When Bill Goldberg debuted in early 2003, there were fans already clamoring about having the two men face off in the future, even though Bill Goldberg was slated on the RAW brand and Lesnar being the WWE Champion on the Smackdown brand respectively. After a small but hinting tease at the 2004 Royal Rumble, the excitement began to rise as these men started to face off on opposite ends on promos giving fans the fantasy question of “Who was the better man?” After an interference play of eliminating Goldberg at the 2004 Royal Rumble (via Kurt Angle), Goldberg returned the favor of costing Lesnar the WWE Championship at the next month’s PPV, No Way Out, losing to the late Eddie Guerrero. The wheels were feverishly turning…

Fast forward to the infamous matchup at Wrestlemania XX which also had WWE Legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as the Special Guest Referee. Beforehand, various rumor sources started circulating about the two men leaving WWE right after the event. (And this was many years before social media gained widespread precedence.)

As the match began, the two men stared at each other and traded insults for several minutes before the New York crowd began to feverishly boo & shout negative chants due to the lack of wrestling or fighting. The fans started to chant “You sold out,” “Austin,” “This match sucks,” “We want Bret,” “Boring,” “Goldberg sucks,” & the “Na Na Na” chant when someone gets ejected from the arena. The only good thing about this match was what happened afterwards when Austin performed Stone Cold Stunners on both competitors, maybe out of pure frustration like the crowd, and drank his beers to close the segment. This was absolutely one of the WORST WWE matches of all time.

Fast forward to 2016 where ESPN and Jonathan Coachman help kickstart more speculation of having a Brock vs Goldberg II match at this year’s Survivor Series in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The internet has been buzzing, really about a Goldberg return mostly but also having this match as one of the main events of the fall leg of the WWE’s “Big Four” PPV events.

As a technical (hardcore) wrestling fan, I would not like to see this matchup upon the fear of situations repeating itself but internally these men will try to make up for what was lost and what we should’ve seen 12+ years ago instead of imagining it via video games. Many fans don’t want to see this match, many fans do. My question is, which are you?

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  1. Eugene Burns

    October 28, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    Brock Lesner and Bill Goldberg are an excellent Hell In A Cell match-up and should be a winner for the WWE. I have always liked Goldberg who was my favorite wrestler in his day. I think he is what a wrestler should be like…powerful, strong. intimidating and mean etc. Can Goldberg defeat Lesner now? I don’t think so. He’s almost 50 years old, and I doubt he’s in shape to endure the pounding his body will take from Lesdner who is a brutal wrestler. Even at almost 50 years of age, if the match was deferred for a few months to allow Goldberg to become properly trained and put himself in better shape, I might have given him the advantage, but as it stands now, with less than two weeks before the scheduled Hell In A Cell match, I fear he will be humiliated by Lesner. I will nonetheless favor Goldberg in this match…why? Because he just might have a plan of his own…perhaps he is in better shape than we think!

  2. Douglas

    October 28, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    I believe you have a match that people want to see because it brings back wrestling when it still had good story lines and you could believe that it could happen not this garbage they put out now.

    • Keith Denney

      October 28, 2016 at 3:27 pm

      I totally agree!!!! I have been a fan of the “sport” for years!!! BUT this is not a big deal because WWE never really likes WWC guys! Even the GREAT RIC FLAIR was not allowed to beat bulk hogan who didn’t know a hammerlock from a headlock!!! BROTHER!!!!

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