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Brock Lesnar versus Jon Jones is a genuine possibility



Talk of a potential Jon Jones versus Brock Lesnar fight inside of the UFC heavyweight division has been gaining some legs over the past 24 hours. It all started when Jon Jones stated the following in a during a live Facebook chat:

“I would love to fight Brock Lesnar. He’s a massive dude. It’d be a massive draw, really big for the sport. It’d be a great challenge – that’s a big ol’ boy. I doubt Brock Lesnar would take that fight though.” 

Jones went on to say that he wouldn’t try to wrestle with Brock the whole time and that he’s not going to tell us what he would do. Lesnar was quick to respond. 

The former 2-time defending UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE Universal Champion told the Associated Press that he would be up for a fight with Jones “Anytime, anywhere.” He also said that Jones should be more worried about his current opponent, UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, this coming Saturday night, than him. The AP also stated that Lesnar is a friend and supporter of Cormier, who is an avid pro wrestling fan. 

So, is there even a real possibility of a Jones vs. Lesnar superfight coming to fruition? There sure is. If Jones can handle Cormier on Saturday night and regain the light heavyweight title he was stripped of back in 2015, there’s no reason for him not to move up to heavyweight for a money fight with Brock. Jones has talked about a potential move to heavyweight in the past. If he beats Cormier again he’ll have a record of 17-o at 205 lbs in the UFC at the age of 30 with a victims list that features over half-a-dozen men who could be Hall of Famers when it’s all said and done. Light heavyweight has been child’s play for Jones. A new focus and a new division may just be what is needed for the troubled wunderkind. 

As far as Brock goes, his WWE contract will be up right around WrestleMania which will take place next April in New Orleans. There has already been rumors of him reentering the USADA testing pool which would mean he could fight by the end of December after he’s done serving his doping suspension. For what it’s worth, the UFC has denied those rumors. Regardless, whether or not Brock wants to get back into the octagon all depends on the money. He could be pitting both companies against each other in a bidding war like he did last time his contract was about to expire even though Vince ended up allowing him to double dip and get a mega payday with the UFC at their landmark 200th numbered event last July. 

If Cormier can somehow serve Jones with the first true loss of his mixed martial arts career, however, a trilogy fight between these two bitter rivals will take precedent and this potential heavyweight PPV box office bonanza would have to wait.


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