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‘Broken’ Matt Hardy discusses Total Nonstop Deletion, The Wyatt Family, some breaking holiday news & more



Former multi-time WWE Tag Team Champion, two-time former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, one-half of the current TNA World Tag Team Champions and star of TNA’s Total Nonstop Deletion “Broken” Matt Hardy joined “Multi-time Award Winning” The Rack Thursday Night. In a nearly 15-minute interview, he talked about what viewers can expect from Total Nonstop Deletion, King Maxel’s pending debut into the wrestling ring, his recent social media interactions for Bray Wyatt and the Family and what brought about the callout to Wyatt, the popularity of Senor Benjamin, what motivates him now with such an illustrious career already, the possibility of having a special holiday edition of Impact Wrestling with the Broken Universe and what he hopes people will take away from Total Nonstop Deletion and much more.

What can viewers expect from Total Nonstop Deletion: “So, it’s going to be the most different, the most fun, the most unorthodox two hours of professional wrestling you are ever going to see in your life. It will truly be Total Nonstop Deletion! In the main event tomorrow night, Apocalypto, myself and Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) have to defend the World Tag Team Titles against any challengers. The Seven Deities have mandated that myself and Brother Nero proves that we are the greatest tag team in all of space and all of time, and to do that we face all the greats. I’ve invited such teams as The Day of the New, The Bucks of Youth, every great tag team that is there; the Express of Rock and Roll’s, or the Rock and Roll Express as many mortals know them as, they have accepted the invitation and publicly announced they will be here. Also, Decay, (and) Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee will be there as well and all the other TNA tag teams; BCC will be appearing. We will also be having a TNA World Title match where Eddie Edwards will be defending against Lashley. King Maxel, my 17-month old son will be making his debut tomorrow and that will be absolutely wonderful.”

What has King Maxel been doing to prepare for his pending debut: “He has been training very, very intensely; he has been up and he has been walking and running a couple of miles a day. He has been hitting the gym very hard; he is building the strength in his ligaments and tendons and I have been working with him very closely with all his technique and fundamentals in the ring. He is going to be prepared and ready for tomorrow.”

What hints may he offer for what Maxel’s finisher will be: “Ah, his finisher! I cannot divulge that information at this time but it’s going to be absolutely incredible.”

About the recent interactions he’s had with Bray Wyatt and if he’d be willing to go to the Family or if they need to come to the Hardy’s: “Well, I certainly invited him here so I’m hoping they appear here at Total Nonstop Deletion, but if they do not have the courage, if they are afraid to, I will certainly go to their compound. If not, I will go to MeekMahans (McMahon) show and I will seek him out; I will go and pull them out of one of the arenas of a Smackdown.”

What caused him to want to call out Bray Wyatt, possibly the imitation of each other: “Well, I mean of course; the initial incident that my mind really goes to was that after we had the Final Deletion, they had a week later, several days later, they had a fight at the Wyatt compound. So yeah, the similarities I think are no coincidence. So, that is blossoming in my broken universe and that is sacrilege and for that, they must be deleted. So, there are many, many people; I am also there to do what the wrestling fans want to see and they want to see House Hardy versus the Family that is Wyatt, so that match must happen. We are on a collision course and at some point in time, that match must happen.”

How did he come up with the idea for Total Nonstop Deletion and getting the freedom to make it a reality: “Everything emanated, everything changed in my world when Brother Nero launched himself off the highest platform in the Zone of Impact and landed upon me through a table; I thought my career might be over but it ends up the injury just became an incident that led to my broken condition and whenever that condition happened, the Seven Deities unlocked potent parts of my mind and now I have access to parts of my mind that others do not have access to, the mere mortals. So now, I am able to understand and review the whole story and lifetime of my soul.

My soul has been around for over 2009 years and had inhabited hundreds of vessels and now it is, apparently, in the Matthew Hardy, the professional wrestler. So now, I have been given a mission by the Seven Deities: I must help TNA survive and thrive and now we are taking it to great places. I’m going to lead it to the promise land in 2017.

The new people who have just come in to help run TNA and the investors, Anthem, which is the parent company of Fight Network, they are actually now the investors and are going to have the majority ownership of Impact Wrestling and they have given me this opportunity to promote this show, Total Nonstop Deletion, and this show is going to change things. It is going to change the way the wrestling industry is executed, the way it exists, and my broken universe is going to take center stage in this and my broken universe is going to give Impact Wrestling a true identity. So, throughout all of that, now we’ve gotten to this point; it started with Final Deletion, with inspirations I received from the Seven Deities and some other things from premonitions I had and we’ve gotten to this point and now, going forward with Impact Wrestling, we are going to have an identity and we are going to be built upon and around my broken universe.

It is almost like TNA, even those terms in many ways, are obsolete so I must delete TNA; I must render it obsolete and delete it and then rebuild it in a greater, stronger format and fashion, much like I did for Brother Nero. He was weak and full of temptations as Jeff Hardy, and once I rendered him obsolete and deleted him, he became Brother Nero and he became a much stronger and better entity and now I must do that with Impact Wrestling.”

What does he hope people will take away from watching Total Nonstop Deletion: “I want people to watch Total Nonstop Deletion, and I want them for two hours, to relax, watch the broken universe and have fun; I want them to be entertained. The second half of the show is going to be the Apocalypto tag team match, where myself and Brother Nero must prove that we are the greatest tag team of all of time and all of space and I’m going to make a very bold statement: I’m going to say this is going to be the most entertaining, most fun, from top-to-bottom, wrestling match you have ever seen. It is going to be something different that is going to break all barriers of all wrestling matches of the past. It is going to be a wrestling match almost wrapped up in a movie and for the last 50 minutes of the show, it is going to fly by and you are going to be on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen next. There are going to be moments that are going to make you laugh.

There are going to be moments that are going to make you nervous. There are going to be moments of drama and suspense and action that are going to drive you wild and your adrenaline are going to be through the roof. This match will truly have something for everyone; during Apocalypto, you will experience every range of emotions that is possible.”

On an upcoming Impact Wrestling Holiday Special: “I will tell you something I haven’t divulged to anyone at this time. There is going to be a special holiday edition of Impact Wrestling featuring the Hardy Family which will absolutely be magnificence. If we are able to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles of the world and prove that we deserve the label of the greatest tag team in all of time and space then there will be a magnificent party and celebration on a holiday special.”

What motivated him after having such an illustrious career: “I think the most important thing that motivates me right now is just to help Impact Wrestling find its way once again, you know, because there were these times where it showed amazing signs of greatness and not it is almost my mission, I have been put into this vessel of Matt Hardy, to help it reach its true potential. And, the wrestling industry as a whole needs that; we can’t just have one monopoly running the entire business, the Meekmahan (McMahon) show; we can’t have that. We must have another place where other wrestlers can go and perform and make a great living and push them. We must push Meekmahan (McMahon) to put out the best product possible. Also, it is very beneficial to the wrestling fans, so I know that I am contributing to a very important part- not only am I helping Impact Wrestling but I am helping the entire industry.”

You can follow “Broken” Matt Hardy through his Twitter (@MattHardyBrand) for the latest news and notes on his activities. You can also visit “Broken” Matt’s personal website ( for more information on Matt and his Broken Universe. Finally, you can see “Broken” Matt Hardy, Brother Nero and the other stars of Impact Wrestling on Total Nonstop Deletion on Thursday, December 15th at 8:00 pm only on PopTV. Go to for more information on the event and the pending card and check your for local cable provider for TV listings as well as channel availability in your area.

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