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Can Bray Wyatt heal Dean Ambrose?



When Bray Wyatt so rudely interrupted the Hell in a Cell main event between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins last month in Dallas, it wasn’t exactly clear why WWE’s version of Max Cady had his sights on the “Unstable” one. This past Friday night on Smackdown, it became just a touch more clear.

He set Erick Rowan free. He set Luke Harper free. And as he pointed out to Dean in front of a rawkus crowd in Albany, New York – Daniel Bryan defied him. Now that Bryan is nowhere to be found, Wyatt’s message may or may not have become a bit more coherent. Wyatt has not only made it clear that he’s interested in “healing” Ambrose. He also showed us that he’s done his research on the “Lunatic Fringe”.


“Tell me Dean, does he still send you postcards from prison?”

This program that we are watching unravel before our eyes in it’s opening stages has the potential to be one for the ages folks. For whatever reason, the Wyatt-Jericho feud just didn’t live up to expectations. Whether or not that falls into the hands of creative, Wyatt, Jericho, or the stars simply not finding a way to align – we may never know. What we do know is that right here, right now – this is the perfect storm. Each man has the ability to bring out the best, and the worst in his adversary. We will learn more from Wyatt and Ambrose in this feud alone than we’ve learned from them in their collective careers thus far.

In the video below, Wyatt gives us a nice little history lesson. He brings up Ambrose’s past as a member of The Shield, and he even gets personal with a comment about his family. Add to that the eerie rocking chair gimmick and an updated video package that plays when Wyatt appears, disappears and reappears, well, let’s just say that Ambrose already appears rattled. Who saw that coming?

We could talk all day about what is wrong with WWE and how we’d fix it. That said, the promo below is the purest example of everything that is right. These are the moments we live for as pro wrestling fans. Or at least I do.