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Can ‘The Happy Warrior’ Calm The ‘Ragin’ One




This weeks episode of TUF will feature a fight between Jessica “Ragin” Rakoczy and Roxanne “The Happy Warrior” Modafferi to move on to the semi-finals. Modafferi is easily one of the most well liked fighters in MMA and has always come across as one of the most genuinely nice people in the world. Which is why it is tough to predict against her in a fight, but I see Rakoczy pulling off the upset.

To be honest this is really a fight between two flyweights. That is how they are listed on Sherdog and it is their more natural weight. They were both teams last selection and it had more to with their size than their skills and heart. Modafferi brings a strong judo and BJJ game with her into the house. Her opponent, Rakoczy, has one of the best boxing pedigrees in MMA today. It seems like a classic grappler versus striker matchup, but Rakoczy got into the house with a submission win and Modafferi has solid standup. She does not have knock out power but she has good movement and spacing. They are both able to fight wherever the battle takes them inside of the cage.

One of the great things about this season of TUF is that it is giving fighters like Shayna Bazler and Modafferi a chance for the casual fans to get to know them. They have been a part of WMMA for the last ten years. Modafferi has fought some of the best in the business and at the age of 31 years old she has had twenty-five fights. This is almost unheard of in WMMA and it is only because she will fight anybody, anywhere and at anytime. For her to win this fight she needs to get inside and make it an ugly grappling/ dirty boxing kind of fight. She has a good submission game but I’m not sure if she can submit Rakoczy who displayed some strong submission defense in her win to get in. Modafferi’s best chance for a win will most likely be a decision, while Rakoczy can win via a TKO/KO.

When it comes to the standup Rakoczy has the clear advantage. According to Box Rec she is 33-3 with 214 rounds under her belt, which would be the current WIBA super bantamweight belt she won earlier this year. If this fight stays standing then look for Rakoczy to pick her apart from distance. There is no doubt that this fight will spend sometime on the ground though. That is okay as Rakoczy has worked her ground game hard since the start of her MMA career, which was a rough one as she went 0-3 to begin it. Now, she started out against three ridiculously skilled and tough opponents in; Michelle Ould, Zoila Frausto Gurgel, and Felice Herrig. Usually you face a stretch of fighters like that to earn a title shot, not to start your career. Rakoczy faced them, took her beatings, went to work and came back stronger. It is that internal strength and fortitude that she has displayed that I think she will win this fight. Modafferi has many of the same qualities which is why this will be a must watch and re-watch type of fight.

This will be a war and do not be surprised if we see a third round from these two warriors. Look for Rakoczy to do more damage in the standup and to do enough on the ground to take a tough UD win. Modafferi can win this and it will not be a surprise but there is just something about Rakoczy and I think she ekes out the fight. It will be exciting and one you do not want to miss.

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