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A Case for the Briefcase: Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match breakdown



With the first Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match just days away, it’s time to make a case for and against each competitor climbing the ladder and unhooking the briefcase in St. Louis on Sunday night. We start with WWE’s resident ‘Irish Lass-Kicker’.

Becky Lynch

Accolades: 1st ever Smackdown Women’s Champion

A Case For: There are 13 titles to be had on WWE programming right now. 12 of them are currently being held by heels. A strong case could be made for Becky, one of the only “over” babyfaces in WWE today, if the only babyface title holder didn’t just so happen to hold the strap in question. Now, that all changes if Lana defeats Naomi for the title later on in the evening. Why not give St. Louis something to cheer about and have the ‘Irish Firestarter’ cash it in on the same night? First Smackdown Women’s Champion. First Female Money in the Bank victor? First Female to cash in the briefcase to win the title? At this point we’d have to start calling the young lady Ms. Smackdown Live. 

A Case Against: It’s hard to make a strong case against anyone as talented as Becky. All I can I say is, as stated above, there’s no reason for Becky to unhook that briefcase if the plan is for Naomi to go on an extended run of any kind as Smackdown Women’s Champion. Also, she’s already super over with the fanbase. This match should probably be used to make someone else relevant in the division. Pretty much, you may just be to good to win this briefcase, Becky. 

Chances of Winning: Never say never. I just don’t see it happening. 

Charlotte Flair

Accolades: 4-time RAW Women’s Champion, Divas Champion, NXT Women’s Champion

A Case For: She’s Charlotte Flair. She’s the best female wrestler in the world today. This match doesn’t even get made without her. For someone who has only been wrestling professionally for such a short period of time, it’s scary how good Charlotte is. She truly is genetically superior. I’m ok with Charlotte winning everything that’s up for grabs in this company.  I am, however, equally excited and scared for that moonsault spot off the top of the ladder. You know it’s coming. 

A Case Against: More times than not, the case is used to elevate the superstar and not the other way around. Having Charlotte win this match is the right thing to do in my opinion. That said, my opinion doesn’t matter one iota. She’s already a made woman in this business. Why not put the shine on someone else. 

Chances of Winning: I don’t care who the favorite is to win this match at the sportsbooks. You have to realize that Vince can always make a last minute decision and when you have someone as talented, durable and reliable as Charlotte, you never hesitate to give her the ball in the clutch. I’d say there’s a very strong chance that Charlotte Flair comes away with the briefcase on Sunday night.


Accolades: She’s the Princess of Staten Island and she’s Fabulous. Other than that, no serious accolades yet. 

A Case For: Remember that thing about the case being used to elevate the superstar? This is where that comes into play. Carmella has exceeded many people’s expectations since joining the main roster, myself included. There’s no better way to reward here than making her the first-ever Ms. Money in the Bank. You can keep your top feuds going and have Carmella and James Ellsworth constantly lurking in the shadows. It’d make for some obnoxiously fantastic television. 

A Case Against: This means more TV time for Ellsworth. 

Chances of Winning: Smackdown Live is and always has been the land of opportunity since it’s inception. It’s highly likely that Carmella will be the one to unhook that briefcase in St. Louis on Sunday night. 


Accolades: None.

A Case For: Tamina could use this briefcase more than anyone on the roster. With ‘The Welcoming Committee’ at her side, a briefcase toting Tamina would work as a great image to strike fear into your world champion. Once she cashes in and becomes champion, it would make for a great first feud for Asuka when she finally comes up to the main roster. 

A Case Against: Tamina hasn’t exactly been lighting the world on fire during her time with WWE. And that’s fine. She is who she is. She’s worked best a heavy for other talent and she’ll probably continue to be used in that fashion moving forward. 

Chances of Winning: Tamina is the true definition of a dark horse in this match. If she wins it’ll be an absolute shock but in hindsight, it’ll make sense and seem like the right choice. Or not. 


Accolades: Divas Champion, Canadian Wrestling Hall of Famer, Only female to graduate from the Hart Dungeon

A Case For: Natalya always seems to come up on the short end of the stick. It’s been nearly 7-years since she’s held WWE gold. A Natalya cash in would be a great moment for a third-generation wrestler who has dedicated her life to this company. Simply put, it’d be a really nice thing to do. 

A Case Against: If there’s a way to make the briefcase look awkward, Natty will find it. 

Chances of Winning: Not likely. 

image credits – WWE/Twitter

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