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Cashing Out: Money in the Bank final spot debate




Emanating from Sin City – the global empire that we all know and love, World Wrestling Entertainment, brings to us one of our personal favorites & exciting PPV events & match of the year. Live from the T-Mobile Arena in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, June 19th, it’s the Money in the Bank ladder match! Ironically, in its 7th year and just in case you were wondering where this is all going, we have ourselves a good old-fashioned debate regarding who we feel will be the 7th and final competitor in this year’s version and it’s all courtesy of #NoHoldsBarredPC resident color/play-by-play man, Drew the JuiceMan pitted against none other than‘s own Founder/Writer/Editor, my man Dave Reno. Consider this The Big Apple vs. The Motor City and we’re bringing the big fight! Drew has the honor of kicking things off to stake his claim.

So far the 6 qualifying superstars in this years match are – Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Cesaro and Chris Jericho, whom actually originally brought the match to fruition. All of them were victorious in their single matchups Monday on Raw versus Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, Sheamus, The Miz and Apollo Crews respectively, meanwhile Thursday night over on SmackDown, Alberto Del Rio beat that flash in the pan former IC Champ Zack Ryder like a drum! (has he even won a match since Mania?)

So here we are left with one final envious spot remaining for a shot at climbing the ladder and snatching the briefcase. As history has shown, this all but guarantees that the holder of the briefcase will one day cash in successfully. While I know it may be rather obvious due to his highly anticipated and promoted return, my pick albeit a tough decision is none other than ‘Big Match John’. He lives by his well-known credence of Hustle, Loyalty & Respect while being the face of WWE for the better part of two decades, Drew & Fizz are going with the 15X World Champion, John Cena. Could very well be this spot is being kept reserved with Cena’s name on it and he gets placed in, but really who wants that? I figure with Titus O’Neal seemingly about to start a feud with the new US Champion Rusev, it would be tough to throw Cena into a feud with the Super Athlete just yet. The way I see it going down is by way of a 20 man battle royal or via a singles contest Monday night on Raw, either way look for it to conclude with Cena getting the 1-2-3 and the final spot.

Like my fellow tag team partner the Revolution and I told you all the way back on our pilot Ep # 1, we’re very good at predictions and we collectively have over 60 years of Professional Wrestling viewership between us. Simply put, this is another one you can take straight to the bank, no pun intended. Honorable mentions go out to some of our top listeners picks: Fausto & Mikey are going RKO out of nowhere to which Drew believes is a distinct possibility. Cousin Moose says don’t discount the loser of the Joe/Balor match from NXT TakeOver. Rounding things out, Johnel & Al Mugs went super darkhorse w/Bobby Roode & Big Cass respectively (could you imagine the crowd pop for either?) and any of these four would be apropos in promoting the “New Era” that has arrived. Even in defeat in a Raw qualifier with KO, maybe AJ can somehow sneak back in? But for now this is all for my half of the debate & I’m gonna turn the floor over to my colleague Dave Reno, aka the “Ghost” from our friends over at!

Thanks Drew! As a fan of the #NoHoldsBarredPC, I can tell the readers who’ve yet to tune in (what are you waiting for?) that Fizz & The JuiceMan are indeed very good at predictions. Going against Drew here would almost be like signing my own death warrant – but if I agreed with him it wouldn’t make for an interesting article.

I don’t hate the Cena idea. And I do agree that him beating Rusev for the US Title on Memorial Day is a little too obvious. I just don’t think putting him in the MITB ladder match is the right move tonight. Right now, the best pick for the 7th man is Bray Wyatt. As a matter of fact – he’s my pick to win it all this year.

Wyatt is rumored to make his return to WWE programming tonight and this time around he needs to be pushed as the true power villain that WWE is in dire need of. Instead of treating him and his family like stooges, like they were at WrestleMania 32, it’s time for this stable to become a force to be reckoned with. The time away coupled with the upcoming brand extension and a new accessory (the briefcase) would give The Wyatt Family everything they need to bring some much needed darkness back to WWE.

Just think, Wyatt holding his lantern, flanked by Harper and Rowan with Strowman bringing up the rear. How about Sister Abigail (Paige anyone?) leading the charge, holding the briefcase as these Devil’s Rejects make their way to the ring; the fans lighting up the arenas with their cell phones – “Anyone but you Roman.” 

Bray Wyatt and the MITB briefcase are a match made in a hell. If you’re a part of creative and you’re not pushing for this then maybe it’s time to put the pen down and go join Frank the Clown in the stands.

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