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Chael Sonnen fails random NSAC drug test; pulled from UFC 175




Remember that drug test Wanderlei Silva allegedly (according to Chael Sonnen) ran from which took him out of his fight with Sonnen at UFC 175? Well, Chael Sonnen doesn’t run from random drug tests. However, he does fail them.

Sonnen has indeed failed his latest random drug test ahead of UFC 175 and will not be able to take on Wanderlei’s replacement, Vitor Belfort. Brett Okamoto over at ESPN reports that two illegal substances were found in his system – anastrozole and clomiphene.

The article explains the UFC is aware of the matter and Sonnen will address it shortly. It goes on to say that Sonnen will not appeal his inevitable upcoming suspension. We’ve likey seen the last of him inside of the octagon as a competitor.

As far as Sonnen’s former UFC 175 opponent Mr. Belfort goes, we’ll just have to wait and see if he gets a new opponent, and more importantly if he can get past the new no TRT NSAC.