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Chael Sonnen-Wanderlei Silva feud WWE bound?




Former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight Chael Sonnen’s most recent appearance on Michael Landsberg’s “Off the Record” reminded us why Sonnen continues to be one of the greatest and most honest voices in the world of MMA today. Was he always this honest – absolutely not. Has he become the Jose Canseco of MMA? Not exactly.

Sonnen has maintained his integrity and shown his professionalism by not throwing his fellow sportsmen under the bus. Instead, he’s opened up about his own personal experiences and admitted that he was indeed caught on multiple occasions. I’d even go as far as to say that he’s been a gentleman about the whole situation. That’s why his stock is still so high.

The idea of Chael Sonnen blessing WWE with his talents has been tossed around for a number of years now. Sonnen’s silver tongue did more for MMA than he’ll likely ever be given credit for. Since he was let go by the UFC and FOX Sports he’s been one of the most sought after free agents in the business. Last November, Chael was signed by ESPN to provide commentary on mixed martial arts, and now that some time has passed since his highly publicized two year ban from competition due to multiple failed drug tests, it appears that WWE is finally ready to retain the services of the self proclaimed “American Gangster”.

Sonnen told Landsberg that WWE told him that they wanted to talk to him about some “stuff,” and he’d was being flown out and put up for what one can assume would be all of WrestleMania weekend. He also gave a shout out to his good buddy FRB who will be taking the trip with him to enjoy the 31st “Showcase of the Immortals” in Santa Clara next month.

Sonnen later revealed that the most bitter rival of his MMA career, Wanderlei Silva, has also been invited to visit with the top wrestling promotion in the world during WrestleMania weekend. Silva would later confirm the “million dollar proposal” and ask for his fans approval on various social media accounts.

I received a great proposal of WWE and now I’m wondering what you think of the idea!!! Recebi uma proposta milionária do WWE o telequete americano,e estou pensando,como pode somente os lutadores de MMA recebem pouco,apresentaram números q eu nunca vi,o que vcs acham da ideia???? – via @wandfc

It’s time to sound off pro wrestling fans – do you guys think Chael and Wanderlei have what it takes to bring MMA fans over to the squared circle? MMA fans, how do you feel about a PRIDE legend and a former UFC title contender potentially playing on Vince McMahon’s playground? Feel free to sound off below.