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Charlotte earns 1st career WWE title shot at Night of Champions




Born into pro wrestling royalty as the daughter of arguably the greatest to ever step into the squared circle, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Charlotte has paid her dues and then some down in Orlando while making her long journey to the big stage.

After signing a developmental contract with WWE in 2012, Charlotte would make her TV debut in the summer of 2013 against another young up and comer in Bayley, who has also making her own waves of late.

Charlotte played an integral part in helping bring on the current women’s wrestling “revolution” along with the aforementioned Bayley, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. Amongst her many highlights down at NXT were an incredible “family feud” match of sorts that saw Dad in her corner taking on Natalya, who had her uncle Bret “The Hitman” Hart by her side. The storytelling and the in-ring product gave us a taste of a rivalry that can and should be revisited heading into WrestleMania 32 in Dallas. In the end, Charlotte would emerge victorious and would begin her 258 day reign as NXT Women’s Champion.

Now, as a full timer on the main roster, flanked by her PCB mates Becky Lynch and Paige, it didn’t take Charlotte long to secure a shot at the WWE Divas Championship. “The Nature Girl” beat out both Paige and Lynch in a “Beat the Clock” challenge last night on RAW, which means she’ll be taking on current champ Nikki Bella later this month in Houston, Texas at Night of Champions on the WWE Network.

It’s true, her father still holds the record for world title wins as recognized by the WWE at 16. That said, not one of those moments would hold a candle to watching his daughter win her 1st, at the age of 29, after all of the hard work she’s put in following while forging her own path through her father’s footsteps. The truth is, “The Nature Boy” lives on through his daughter. And she’s done everything the right way up to this point in her pro wrestling career. It’s extremely difficult not to root for her moving forward. Just as difficult as it is not to shout out “Woo!” with her whenever she chops at her opponent’s chest.

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