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Conor McGregor becomes the first 2-division champion in UFC history



When Conor McGregor signed with the UFC back in early 2013, his goal was to become a 2-division champion, just like he did for his previous promotion – Cage Warriors Fighting Championship. 10 fights into his UFC career, he made good on his promise. McGregor became the first 2-division champion in the 23 year history of the UFC on the anniversary of their first event. Oh ya, the fight also headlined the promotions first show in UFC history just incase you haven’t heard. Could you script a better situation for ‘The Notorious’ one?

McGregor closed out his 2016 campaign inside of the octagon the same way he did in 2015. He knocked out another champion and captured another belt. Except this time it was inside of ‘The Mecca’, arguably the most famous building in the history of sport. 

As for the fight itself – it wasn’t even close. Alvarez has some mild success with his leg kicks early on but he just couldn’t mount any offense and he certainly could not avoid that ‘rock back’ left of McGregor that has been his staple over the years. McGregor knocked Alvarez down three times during the contest until referee John McCarty had seen enough. ‘Big’ John called a halt to the action at 3:04 of the 2nd stanza awarding the fight and the lightweight title to McGregor via TKO.

“Where the f**k is my 2nd belt? Cheap mother f**kers. 4.2 billion this company was sold for. Where’s that 2nd belt? Go backstage and grab that fu**ing belt somewhere.”

Those were the first words to come out of McGregor’s mouth in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. McGregor would eventually get his 2nd belt and he’d celebrate with his family and coaches, taking time to soak in what could very well be the most historic moment in the history of the sport to date. 

What’s next for McGregor? Let’s be honest. It’s whatever he wants. As long as he keeps winning, he calls the shots. And deservedly so. The double champ does whatever the f**k he wants.

image credit – ZP

UFC 205 ‘Alvarez vs. McGregor’ live post-fight press conference stream

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