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Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino and Livia Renata Souza Defend Their Titles at Invicta FC 15



Invicta FC put their first show of 2016 and the 15th overall for the promotion. It was an entertaining night of action that saw six of the seven fights end with a finish. The one fight that went the distance proved that judges cannot be trusted to judge a fight. The main event proved that Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino is the baddest woman in MMA today.

You have to give Daria Ibragimova a lot of credit  for her willingness to move up a weight class to fight Cyborg. All that credit earned her was a vicious knockout loss and a lumped up face.

Her gameplan was a curious one centered around grabbing one of Cyborg’s legs, lifting it up, and then clutching it desperately while eating punches and elbows.

Ibragimova was able to trip Cyborg several times but could not keep her down. She struggled to mount any offense at all.

As the round was expiring Ibragimova left herself open for just a moment. A moment was all Cyborg needed to land a devastatingly destructive right-hand dropping the dancing Russian. A couple of more unnecessary punches and the fight was over.

Cyborg 1

After the fight, there was the question of what is next for the dominant Cyborg? Any chance of a super fight and a big payday with Ronda Rousey evaporated with Holly Holm’s definitive win.

Now, Cyborg must hope that some contender can emerge at featherweight or hope that Holm can become a big enough star to call for a super fight between them.

Until a true contender emerges we will be regulated to dominant wins by Cyborg just like this one.

Livia’s Liver Shot

The co-main event saw an equally impressive performance from strawweight champion Livia Renata Souza with her first round finish of DeAnna Bennett.

Coming into the fight, Souza was known for her Brazilian jiu-jitsu with seven submission wins out of eight. Including her fourth-round submission of Katja Kankaanpaa at Invicta FC 12 to take the title.

In her first title defense, she used a beautifully place left kick to the liver followed by a right-hand to drop Bennett before finishing her off with several strikes to the head. The kick snaked right beneath Bennett’s left elbow.

Livia liver kick

It was Souza’s first win via TKO and it proves that she is dangerous everywhere making her a formidable champion for Invicta FC. The question is when will she get the call from the UFC? You could easily see her there before the end of the year. Until then expect her to keep destroying challengers to her Invicta FC title.

Future Title Shots

Going into the night, it was thought by many that the winner of the fight between Colleen Schneider and Raquel Pa’aluhi would get the next shot at bantamweight champion Tonya Evinger. If that is indeed the case then it will be Schneider who took a tough fought but strange split-decision.

Somehow one judge rewarded Pa’aluhi for her ability to absorb punishment and still fight on. Fortunately, the other two judges scored it correctly.

Early in the first round, Schneider opened up a cut over Pa’aluhi’s left eye. She then proceeded to pepper it with punches as she fought off takedowns throughout the rest of the battle. When Pa’aluhi did get the fight to the ground Schneider quickly got back to her feet. One of the keys to the fight was Schneider’s ability to punish Pa’aluhi on takedowns and takedown attempts.

By the end of the fight, Pa’aluhi’s eye was almost completely closed and Schneider had earned her first win for Invicta FC. It may have also earned her a title shot with Evinger later this year.

Amber Brown continued on her path to the atomweight title with a first round submission win over Shino VanHoose who took the fight on short notice. It was Brown’s third win in a row for Invicta FC and would seem to have earned her a shot against the champion Ayaka Hamasaki.

The Bonus Round

The first three fights on the night earned all three of the night’s bonuses. Megan Anderson and Amber Leibrock kicked off the card with the FOTN.

Leibrock started out by landing a couple of big right hands and seemed like she was going to take control but instead Anderson found her rhythm. Once Anderson got comfortable she was able to impose her will on the very tough and game Leibrock until she finally got the TKO in the third round.

Angela Hill earned her bonus with an impressive first round KO of Alida Gray via a vicious knee to the body. It was a perfect Invicta FC début for the MMA inexperienced Hill who had struggled in the UFC against more experienced competition.

The win showed the talent that got Hill onto TUF and into the UFC with only one MMA fight under her belt. If Hill can continue to grow in the sport and improve her grappling she could challenge for the title in 2017 or find her way back into the UFC.

The third fight on the night saw Mizuki Inoue take home the final bonus with her armbar submission of the tough Lacey Schuckman.

The two engaged in an entertaining fight with both having moments. But, it was Inoue who kept coming out on top of the exchanges. Several times in the fight she seemed close to getting the armbar but each time Schuckman escaped. Until, finally in the third round Inoue was able to secure the submission.

After the event, Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp and T.J. De Santis announced that Invicta FC 16 would go down on March 11th.


Sasha Banks versus Charlotte confirmed to take place inside Hell in a Cell



The first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match has been confirmed for the WWE Network special of the same name.

Women’s Champion Sasha Banks challenged Charlotte to a rematch inside of the structure to kick off tonight’s episode of RAW. Charlotte would accept after being so rudely interrupted by Rusev and Lana as you can see in the video below.

It was also announced by general manager Mick Foley tonight that Kevin Owens will defend his Universal Championship against Seth Rollins inside of Hell in a Cell making this year’s event the first one to feature three matches inside of the dreaded cell.

Here’s your updated card for WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 as it stands tonight:

WWE RAW Women’s Championship (Hell in a Cell Match)
Sasha Banks (c) vs. Charlotte

WWE Universal Championship (Hell in a Cell Match)
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth Rollins

WWE United States Championship (Hell in a Cell Match)
Roman Reigns (c) vs. Rusev w/ Lana

WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match
The New Day (c) vs. Cesaro and Sheamus

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Facelock Feministas

Facelock Feministas Episode 34: Gimmicked



The Lady J talks herself into some of the gimmicks of Season 3 while also discussing drug use, Taya being industrious, where is Ivelisse and more from Episode 3, Season 3 of Lucha Underground!

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Bellator and The Bad Guy – Endless opportunities



While most of America watched the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills play football, a story began to grow on twitter.  Soon it was confirmed, Chael P. Sonnen, The West Linn Gangster had signed a multi-fight deal with Bellator. Imagine the possibilities.  Seriously, right now…with me.

It’s nice to see Chael Sonnen out of USADA jail and free to do his thing again. Whether you love him, or simply love to hate him, it’s impossible to ignore what he brings to the table. He’s a breath of maybe not so fresh air, but needed air all the same.  Here’s a quick look at the match-ups we could be treated to, and yes, I’m a bit giddy.

Chael Sonnen vs. Tito Ortiz

This is the one I want to see. These guys can both sell fights, and Bellator would benefit from pairing these two up and watching the ratings pour in.  The match-up itself, lends itself to two quality wrestlers on the mat, and it is a compelling fight for both parties. I’m all in on this one.

Chael Sonnen vs. Stephan Bonnar

Hey let’s be honest, both of these guys have been flagged for prior steroid offenses, and that alone would make the trash talk entertaining.  Bonnar signed with Bellator and has basically collecting dust since his fight with Ortiz.  This could be a solid farewell fight for Bonnar, and the fans would certainly take interest and both guys can talk and sell a fight.

Chael Sonnen vs. Wanderlei Silva

C’mon if you don’t want to see these two go at it, maybe MMA isn’t your thing.  The two have feuded, had an epic scuffle while coaching TUF and genuinely dislike each other.  Fans would love this fight, and to be honest, it would be near the top of my guilty pleasure lists.  Make it happen Coker…make the dreams come true.

Chael Sonnen vs. Fedor

Fedor doesn’t need a last name, he’s like Madonna, or Cher or….Pink, only he’s a man who doesn’t sing.  Ok, this one, I’m not so interested in.  After watching Fedor battle with Fabio Maldonado, I’m ok not seeing the Russian compete again.  He’s a legend, the goat, and this fight simply doesn’t need to happen.  That being said, it could be a big money fight in Japan and why not line the Bad Guys’ pockets right?

Chael Sonnen vs. Rampage Jackson

The press for this fight would be amazing. These two can work a crowd like few others, and the buildup would be that of legend.  Imagine if Anderson Silva had been able to match Sonnen’s ire and lip in their feud, it would have been amazing.  Rampage can, and Rampage will. Book it Coker!  Please!

Chael Sonnen vs. Bobby Lashley

I don’t know, I just think this would be fun.  Wrestling 101 and Sonnen would either expose what Lashley is lacking, or….would help build a star.  I want to see it.  I’d tune in.

What we don’t want/or need to see.  

I don’t want to see Chael in there with King Mo, Phil Davis or Liam McGeary.  King Mo and Chael would have a solid war of words, but I don’t think the fight makes much sense for Sonnen, and for King Mo, I think he has World Title aspirations at this point.

Phil Davis beating Chael at this point, doesn’t do much for his career. He’d be an obvious favorite of Sonnen, and really, I don’t want to see Sonnen go up the ladder, I want him to be in entertaining fights, so we can skip this one.

Liam McGeary chokes out Sonnen with relative ease.  Who needs that? Not me!  Not on my watch, move it along McGeary!

Ultimate Guilty Pleasure Fight – Chael Sonnen vs. Royce Gracie

Hey, calm down, Royce is still on the active Bellator roster.  It’s not me who won’t let him retire, it’s him who wants to stick around.  Who better to send Royce off into the sunset than the Bad Guy.  It makes perfect heel sense….the hated Sonnen ends the career of the MMA legend and pioneer Royce Gracie.  Not saying Chael needs to murder him, but it would be something I’d watch…and probably not admit to.  You want to get over as a bad guy, beat up Royce.  Worked for Matt Hughes, although now that I think about it, people have always hated Hughes.

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