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The Cruiserweight division finally pops



Now that you’ve caught your breath after seeing The Undertaker chokeslam Roman Reigns to end RAW, let’s shift gears and talk about WWE’s newest stars.

It’s taken a few months, but the Cruiserweight Division has finally exploded.

The people who have watched 205 Live consistently since the division returned have known for some time that the WWE’s current high flyers had what it took to steal the show.

Neville has elevated the title since he won it at the Royal Rumble, almost single-handedly carrying the division in the weeks that followed. And then the likes of Akira Tozawa and Gentleman Jack Gallagher exploded, setting the stage for the cruiserweights to take over.

The title match between Neville and Gentleman Jack was great, but the tag team match featuring Tozawa, Rich Swann, Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar on the Fastlane Kickoff Show was almost as good. Swann and Tozawa were electric together as partners, both taking part in Tozawa’s signature “AH!” chant. It was the first time where the cruiserweights really showed their potential to have the personalities needed to properly resurrect the division.

Then Swann exercised his rematch clause for a title match with Neville on RAW, and it was 100 mph from the opening bell. I didn’t think it was possible for a cable title match to top the Fastlane match from the night before, but Swann and Neville opened up the arsenal, giving us an incredible fight that saw Neville retain for the second straight night.

And to top it all off, Austin Aries and Neville hyped the division even more with a fire-emoji promo following Neville’s victory. We don’t know for sure if we’re getting a Neville-Aries title match at WrestleMania, but I’m 100 percent sold on it based on their promo Monday night.

Having Austin Aries on the show will elevate the Cruiserweight Championship to main event status. The pop he got during the promo with Neville was incredible. People are more than ready to see Aries back in the ring, and what better way to bring him back than in a WrestleMania title rivalry with Neville.

So if you haven’t checked out 205 Live yet, I recommend it. It’s a fun hour of wrestling, and you get to know the cruiserweights better than in their brief matches on RAW. The stars are still working on perfecting their characters, gimmicks and mic skills, but they certainly have the in-ring high-flying skills that we all love from the Cruiserweight Division.

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Richard Briggs has a bachelor's degree in journalism and has experience covering the NBA, college sports, and high school sports. He contributes WWE content for Fight Booth.

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