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Damien Mizdow: Action!



downloadLet’s put one thing to rest: Damien Sandow is not being buried. He is not WWE World Heavyweight Champion, or Mr. Money in the Bank, but he has a place in WWE. Comedy has always been a part of professional wrestling in one form or another. The Rock would not be The Rock if it weren’t for comedy. Edge & Christian reeked of awesomeness before holding prestigious singles titles. Chris Jericho built his run in WCW almost purely on comedy (and hairspray), and we still remember it. All of these men went on to hold major titles, and were involved in main events. Why can’t Damien Sandow follow in those hilarious footsteps?

Sure, Damien Sandow lost his Money in the Bank cash-in to Superman himself, John Cena. As expected, this sent the internet into a frenzy. It got to the point where WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley tweeted his support of Sandow, assuring fans that this wasn’t his end. Foley was either fooled, or saw the writing on the wall long before any of us did; Sandow had staying power, just maybe not in the way we had hoped. Did Mick notice something in Sandow that the internet wrestling community did not? Perhaps it wasn’t time for him to be World Heavyweight Champion. Defeating the face of the company for a championship is a big deal, after all. What if Damien Sandow’s future was as The Miz’s stunt double this entire time? Talk about your ultimate swerves (cc: Vince Russo).

LeBron James, a lumberjack, an evil Santa, and even Bret Hart have all been portrayed by the self-proclaimed intellectual savior of the masses. At one point, it would not have been out of the question if Sandow popped out of that rabbit suit that follows Adam Rose around (it could still happen, to be perfectly honest). With fans upset, WWE was finding a way to harness Damien Sandow’s comedic chops while he tinkered with various characters week-by-week. It may have looked like “burying”, but it was just an entertaining holding pattern. Elsewhere, The Miz began his heel movie star character, starting a feud with Dolph Ziggler over the Intercontinental Championship. The Miz also found something, and is quickly developing into a dynamic heel with room to grow. (You hate The Miz; but you’re supposed to). The two superstars were on opposite ends of the spectrum, until The Miz employed Damien Mizdow as his stunt double. This was the first time Sandow had more than one episode of RAW, Smackdown or Main Event to develop a character.

If they stick with it, Damien Mizdow could be the avenue to give Sandow a little push. Assuming the angle goes on long enough, we could get a Miz/Sandow feud, which would be all kinds of awesome. Miz could even go over Ziggler for the IC Title, and Sandow could chase that belt. The possibilities are nice, but they’re far from expected. WWE often abandons stories like this (see: Woods/Kofi/Big E stable), so the idea that Sandow will be holding a belt in the near future is tough to swallow. But, for the first time in a while, there is hope. If you don’t believe this will take him places, then enjoy the little things Damien Sandow has become so good at over the last few months. When The Miz finally tapped his shoulder to enter the ring, Sandow yelled one word as he entered: Action! Hitting the ring, and getting his ass kicked was Sandow’s job for the evening. That is the extent of it, and probably was vaguely written on the RAW script (Sandow enters, Dolph hits Zig-Zag, Miz wins). He most likely added the “action” scream himself, which may not seem like a big deal at first glance. But when you look at the insignificant amount of time and space that Damien Sandow was given to work, the fact he did anything is impressive. One word, and it got a laugh. If we noticed, the men and women backstage did too. Here’s hoping Damien Mizdow gets a starring role; he certainly has the potential.

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