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Daniel Dubois’ way to the top



A Background

Daniel Dubois is a British boxer who made his professional debut in 2017. Since then he has had 12 fights, 11 of which were won by knockout, the other by a unanimous decision against Kevin Johnson. The young boxer recently turned 22 years old and already has an impressive career behind him. The ‘Dynamite’ – as he is also known – grew up in London, and was introduced to boxing by his father as a way to stay out of trouble.

In his amateur career, Dubois gained plenty of experience by taking on 75 opponents in the ring. In those bouts he became quite the decorated champ, securing two junior ABA championships as well as the British Seniors. He even boxed for England a few times whilst competing at the European Youth championships and winning gold medals at the Multi-nations. Dubois also sparred against a younger Anthony Joshua in his early days. Dubois was 18 at the time whilst AJ was an Olympic champion. It is claimed that he managed to send AJ to the deck but Dubois did admit that “he’s the best I’ve shared a ring with.”


Dubois is now set on his professional career path with his next fight against Ghana’s Ebenezer Tetteh taking place on September 27th. The Daniel Dubois v Ebenezer Tetteh betting is well under-way with the odds stacked in ‘Dynamite’s’ favour. Unfortunately for Tetteh, many critics think he is well on his way to adding another mark to Dubois’ knockout tally.

The two will both approach the ring with a 100 per cent success rate, Dubois with a knockout rate of 92 per cent and Tetteh with a slightly lower 83 per cent. The fight will take place in London for the Commonwealth title, but will Dubois manage to secure another belt on his way to the top?

The Future

Since his professional debut, Dubois has managed to claim six different titles including his most recent, the BBBofC British Heavyweight Title. However, it seems that Dubois’ sights are set far beyond the here and now, as he looks to follow in the footsteps of the great boxers before him by boxing in the Royal Albert Hall.

After his most recent bout, Dubois has been hailed the “future of heavyweight boxing” by his promoter Warren as well as other fans of the sport. ‘Dynamite’ has since talked about looking forward to another bout against Anthony Joshua in the future as he intends to work his way up the ladder of success.

There are many people with high expectations of the boxer, but nobody more than himself. Stating he is going to “make this my era, my time, and shine”, further adding that “I feel ready to fight all of them now, the very best, including Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte”. There is a lot of big talk from the boxer and it is clear he has his sights set for the very top of heavyweight boxing, with his intense training and clear focus, we think he’ll be at the top of the heavyweight division in a few shorts years. Do you?

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