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Daniel Wyatt: Best For Business



Daniel-Bryan-With-Bray-Wyatt-640x360“I’m yours.” Those words from the mouth of Daniel Bryan had the WWE Universe spinning for the last week, leading up to Old School RAW on Monday night. Bryan dropped the underdog hero gig and followed Bray Wyatt and his family into whatever weird backwoods compound they hang out in. The days of YES are over, and now we await Daniel Wyatt’s next move. Old School RAW showed us that Daniel is evidently serious about “joining the family”, even being disappointed about his lack of contribution to the team. Now that we’re here, with Daniel Bryan in a jumpsuit, where are we heading? There are those in the world that are disappointed with Bryan’s turn to the dark side, but that might be a bit short-sighted. This needed to happen, and WWE deserves credit for taking the risk. Pulling the plug on a major babyface is risky, but all the greats have gone through it.  That is only one of the many reasons Daniel Bryan needed to join the Wyatt Family. Let’s examine some of those reasons.

All top faces turn heel – Hulk Hogan joining The Outsiders, The Rock going “Hollywood”, CM Punk becoming a Paul Heyman Guy, and now Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatts. All of these superstars were at the top of their respective games with full approval of the WWE Universe when they made the turn. Randy Orton once said the more fans cheer him, the better a heel turn would be. He’s right. For a superstar to achieve their full success, they always need a run at the top as a heel. Unless your name is John Cena, your career will likely involve a stint or two as a bad guy. This is Daniel Bryan’s time.

The matches you could see – Everyone has been screaming for Bryan vs. CM Punk, but how to get there was a challenge. A face Bryan vs. a face Punk would provide solid in-ring entertainment, but without a story to back it, epic potential would be wasted. That has been fixed. The Wyatt Family has attacked Punk before, and maybe he’ll be Bryan’s first target as a family member. The Beard vs. The Best is a real possibility now, and that’s a great thing. Bryan vs. Batista is another intriguing possibility, but chances are The Animal jets into the title scene.

The music – I’ll be waiting at the edge of my seat, holding my breath for a new “Wyatt remix” version of Daniel Bryan’s entrance music to debut.

Expansion or exclusivity – Will Bray Wyatt continue to recruit members as he did with Bryan, or will four be a crowd? WWE is experimenting with the latter in The Shield storyline with Roman Reigns, and could possibly do the same with one of the Wyatts. Although unlikely, my money would be on Luke Harper having the best chance at a solo push in the near future. Chances are the crew will stay together a while longer and look to add to the Buzzards. With Bryan on board, Bray is leading a more dominant flock, and could use that power to recruit. Try this on for size: Mark Henry joins the Wyatt Family. I’ll let that sink in.

WWE took a very big leap toward success in 2014 by turning Daniel Bryan heel. The universe will be talking about that episode of RAW for a while, when a defeated Bryan slumped to his knees and begged Bray Wyatt to accept him. Many say that WWE ignored fans crying out to push Bryan properly and give him the belt. Ironically, they should continue to ignore them when they chant No at the sight of Bryan aligned with the Wyatt Family. Daniel Bryan Wyatt is definitely best for business.

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