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Darren Till Defends Sparring KO Ahead Of Wonderboy Fight



Darren Till has been in the news a lot recently since he came onto the scene by knocking out Donald Cerrone, and the most recent story about him revolves around a video from his Instagram. The video showed him preparing for his fight with Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, apparently going full speed in sparring. He knocked down his sparring partner in the video’s first clip, while the second shows him delivering hard shots to the body and head.

Till was criticized by both the fans and the media for going too hard on his partner and for stepping into the ring with a partner that can’t keep up with him in the first place. However, he recently made a second post telling his side of the story, and revealing that the sparring wasn’t as one-sided as it seemed. The second video is originally from December and shows Till’s sparring partner landing cleanly, and Till also accused his critics of disrespecting his training partner by underestimating his skill level.

He went on to call the commenters “internet fighters” and told them to stick to internet fighting. Still, it’s debatable whether this kind of training is helping Till, since it seems to be less focused on technique and strategy and more on power and landing hard shots. We’ll all find out on May 27, however, when Till headlines UFC Liverpool and takes on current number two contender Stephen Thompson.


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