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Diego Sanchez, Raw Meat and What Happened at UFC 171



For many fight fans watching the lightweight contest between Myles Jury and Diego Sanchez last night at UFC 171, Diego noted that he was not quite himself. In many ways this was a bad matchup for Diego because of Jury’s length, technique and skill set. That Jury won the fight was not a shock, but the ease with which he did it surprised many fans.

One of the most surprising things about the fight was that Diego did not attempt a single takedown. He has attempted 133 takedowns in his UFC career according to their site. For him to attempt none is more than a little strange.

Today he took to his Twitter to let his fans know what happen. Here is a series of his Tweets:

It is rare to see a veteran like Diego make a mistake like this with his diet, but fighters are human. When it comes to food and their diets they sacrifice so much. All it takes is one mistake and it can undo all of the hard work an sacrifice from before.

This does not take away from Jury’s victory at all. Diego still fought hard and would have defeated a lesser fighter. He did not however fight a normal Diego Sanchez fight. It was a more like a lite version of one.

[youtube id=”eFRYxuoJJO0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Expect Diego to comeback even stronger and more crazy for his next fight. It is his tremendous heart, passion and the way he brings them into the cage with him that draws the fans to Diego. Whether he is your favorite fighter or not you have to respect the way he fights. Even at less than a hundred percent, he still fights harder than most.

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