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Divas Booth: The Ravishing Lana




C.J. Perry, better known to WWE fans as  Lana, “The Ravishing Russian,” who accompanies “The Super Athlete” Rusev to the ring, is known for turning heads wherever she goes. Ballet, Film, Television, Music, you name it – this girl does it. Let’s be honest though; The Bombshell Booth section of this website is all about looks, and Lana, C.J.  – whatever you want to call her – she delivers.

The first time I saw C.J. she was doing her thing on a very underrated show called Banshee on Cinemax. If you want to do yourself a solid and are looking to start a new show you’re not going to find many better. If you’re looking for a quick nude of Lana, well, Google search is your friend.

In an effort to do a complete 180 from The Americans’ Keri Russell, Perry does a phenomenal job as an American playing the lovely and dangerous Russian, Lana. You can see her at very best in the gallery below.

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