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Divas Booth: The Best of Summer Rae



The newest addition to the hit E! reality show Total Divas is a welcome one. As much as we hate to see JoJo Offerman go, Summer Rae bringeth the heat every time she’s in front of the camera, and that’s not even an ode to her looks. Whether she’s managing Fandango, competing inside of the ring, or doing this reality TV thing, Summer has shown that she has what it takes talent wise to be a huge commodity in the sports and entertainment business for a very long time.

Does this WWE Diva look familiar to you and for some reason you just can’t quite place where you remember her from? Maybe the first time you saw her she was performing her duties cornerback for the Chicago Bliss. Rae, who went by her birthname of Danielle Moinet during her stint with the Legends Football League, captained the Bliss to the Lingerie Bowl VII championship.

In the gallery below we take a look at the best of the multi-talented Summer Rae/Danielle Moinet. Do yourself a favor and stay tuned to this spot for the inaugural Bombshell Booth event – SelfieMania – which will coincide with WrestleMania 30.

cover image via WWE

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